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When My World Changed: Finding Out About Brooklynn

In December 2012, I had been dating Anthony for almost a year. I was 18, and a freshman in college. Anthony and I had been through a lot, way more than any couple our age. It was hard, but we got through it. He was living on his own and I was living at home with my family. On Dec. 24, I bought a pregnancy test because I was late, but wasn’t too worried because my schedule was so off. It was just a little different this time because I felt a little sick. I took it in the bathroom at Panda Express (my second home) and it was negative. I was relieved, but again I hadn’t really expected anything.
(Picture taken on Christmas Eve!)

On Christmas Day, Anthony came over as we opened presents and gave me the most amazing charm bracelet. We decided to combine our Christmas/One Year Anniversary presents because we both worked minimum wage jobs and couldn’t afford two big presents so close together.

Two days later, December 27, we went on a date to celebrate our one year anniversary, because we couldn’t go on our actual anniversary (December 28) because Anthony worked all night. We went to Babbos for dinner and saw a movie afterwards. This is the last time we were together as a normal teenage couple, just having fun with no worries. This was the night before our worlds were turned upside down.

The next day, we had officially been together one year! We met for lunch and to go to a basketball game before Anthony had to go into work. We went to Mongolian Grill and I had a tiny bowl of rice. I couldn’t stomach anything else. I felt so sick and just wasn’t myself at all. I told Anthony I was still late, so we stopped at CVS and he went in and bought me another pregnancy test before we went to the game. Once we got to the game, I went into the bathroom and quickly took the test. It was positive. I was in disbelief. I just sat there for a few minutes and stared at it. When I finally gathered the courage to come out, I didn’t say anything, I just handed it to Anthony. And then he was in disbelief. We walked into the game quietly and just sat there. I think the first thing I said was something along the lines of “my parents are going to kill me.” (And that’s a whole other story, whole other blog post.)

I bought a few more tests that night and took them just to be sure. I remember just staring at myself in the mirror, knowing there was a microscopic baby inside of me. I had no clue what I was going to do and at the time, all I felt was that I was going to fail this tiny little child. The next day we went to the hospital to get a free pregnancy test done by a doctor and once again, it was positive (I must’ve taken at least six tests).

In these moments, Anthony’s life and my life changed forever. There was no going back, not even if we wanted to. Whatever road we chose to go down, things would never be the same again. Luckily for me, Anthony’s automatic response to me being pregnant was that we were going to raise this baby together. He never even mentioned abortion or adoption, the words never even left his mouth and I truly believe they never even entered his mind. He never once made me feel like I was alone, he was always by my side. Those first few months, when we still lived separately, he never missed a doctor appointment or a phone call when I was upset or confused. He vowed to be the best dad he could possibly be. And if you know him, he’s exceeded even that. He’s the best dad in the world. And he’s the best husband in the world. And we have the most amazing daughter in the world, who changed our lives forever, who helped us become people I never would’ve recognized before her. She’s a life changing little girl and we are continuously blessed by her.




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