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What’s in our diaper bag?

February 22, 2016


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For the babes:

  • Chunky pad & crayons:
    • We just have whatever crayons we’ve collected from different restaurants! The chunky pad was only $2 or $3 at Target!
  • Kindle Fire Kids Edition HD:
    • We have the girls’ favorite books and shows loaded on here (all educational, of course!) Perfect for long car rides or doctor office waits.
  • Me4Kidz medibuddy:
    • This is such a life saver! Filled with all your first aid needs, whether it’s a scraped knee at the park or small cut on their arm, you never know when you’re gonna need it!
  • Sweetie Pie Organics freeze dried snacks:
    • We allllllways carry snacks, cause you never know when your two year old is going to start with the “my belly’s so hungry, mama!” My girls love these snacks and they are good for them, which makes mama happy!
  • Minted Lane Paci/Toy clip:
    • Harlym has been popping tooth after tooth for the last month and a half… it’s been miserable! But this toy clip, along with whatever toy she’s feeling at the time, does such an incredible job at soothing her! She loves it, so we make sure it’s always in the diaper bag when we leave.
  • Nuby utensils:
    • Because my girls are at the age where they don’t use their hands to eat, but regular utensils are difficult for them to navigate. After eating, they easily wipe clean and go in a ziploc bag until we get home!
  • Handful of Puppets felt finger puppets:
    • The girls are obsessed with these puppets we received in our Mom ‘n Tot box (btw – if you haven’t heard of that, click here. You’re totally missing out!) These are the go-to toys when the girls start getting restless or fussy.
  • Silikids placemat:
    • The girls always share a kids meal when we eat out, and Harlym loves to dump plates on the ground, so this placemat is perfect for her. I love that it’s foldable and easily wipes clean, making it a perfect on-the-go companion.
  • Neat Cheeks travel packs (not pictured):
    • Of course, we just ran out two days ago and I need to order more! But Neat Cheeks are packs of wipes for your kiddo’s face! I’m always cleaning the girls’ faces, and these wipes are made specifically for sensitive baby and toddler skin. Love it!

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For mama:

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The diaper bag:

My diaper bag is from Lily Jade Co. When I got pregnant with Brooklynn, I struggled to find a diaper bag that fit my style, was durable, and fit all the items/products we carried around. I went through 4-6 diaper bags in JUST a year. The straps or zippers would break, the material would rip- and I take care of our stuff… this was just regular wear and tear. Then I started buying regular bags, but our stuff wouldn’t fit and once again, they would break after a few weeks/months.

I was so happy to finally come across a bag that fit all of our needs. Not only is it a stylish diaper bag, but the diaper bag insert can be taken out, turning it into a purse! There have been times where I take the insert out and am able to easily fit my laptop, DSLR camera, wallet, etc when I’m running around without the kids for my blog! Another one of my favorite parts? The diaper bag insert is machine washable!!! Spilled milk and snack crumbs have nothin’ on this diaper bag! ;) I highly recommend this bag to EVERY mama, whether you have a newborn, toddler, or older child!! It easily carries all of our must-haves. A few people have mentioned the price to me and it’s simple- this is an investment. Invest in yourself, invest in your babes. Instead of buying diaper bag after diaper bag over the years, buy one Lily Jade Co. bag and watch it last you through the years.

Click on the pictures above to see how and where we use our diaper bag!

Stay tuned for a Newborn/Hospital Essentials post coming next month!

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I received some of these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.





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