Welcome to the world, Ezra David Perez!

January 29, 2015

Tuesday morning at 12:14am, after 4 days of labor, Gabriella & Jose welcomed their beautiful little boy into this world. Ezra David Perez weighed in at 6lbs 15oz and measured 20 1/4in long.

Ezra was transferred from the hospital Gabriella delivered at, to a children’s hospital that specializes in congenital heart defect and can cater to his exact needs. He is doing well, but is being closely monitored.

On Monday morning, Ezra’s doctors will meet to decide on an exact plan of action. His surgery will mostly likely take place on Monday afternoon or Tuesday. This first surgery is to place a shunt in his heart that will help to drain and circulate blood. After this surgery, Ezra will recover in the hospital for up to a month. Once home, he will have to stay away from large crowds or groups of people, because any germs could be damaging to his sweet little body.

Jose & Gabriella want to thank everyone who has donated to Ezra’s surgery funds. His surgeries/hospital stays will be upwards of $10,000 so every dollar helps. Last night, I withdrew the first amount of money… $2,109.93. I’m blown away by how generous and kindhearted people are!! I set it up so that every week, from now on, a new check will be sent out with any new donations. So please keep sharing and donating by clicking here!! And please continue to pray for this beautiful family.






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