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Welcome To Delicious {Garcia Family Lunch Date}

December 20, 2015

 We had the privilege of dining at Culver’s the other day and wanted to share our experience with you guys, because everyone needs to try it! The first time I ever ate at Culver’s was in Iowa. My grandparent’s were obsessed with it and wanted us to experience the yumminess. Now in AZ, they’re popping up all over the place, I was so excited to take my kids and hubby to try it! Their burgers are incredible. Their sundaes, heaven. Cheese curds? DELISH. And their frozen custard? I have dreams about it!! Here’s some pictures from our experience. As you can tell, my girls loved it. And my picky husband (not pictured) said he wants to come back ASAP!

I got- a single meat butter burger basket (comes with fries and a drink), Anthony got double meat, we got cheese curds, two sundaes, and frozen custard with M&M’s and brownie bits! (The girls shared with us!)  

Waiting for our food… Her Kate Fox Apparel sweatshirt didn’t know what was about to come! (A big ole ice cream mess)

Cheese curds from heaven!


Wasn’t going to share this picture for OBVIOUS reasons (lol), but the look on my face is genuine… these butter burgers are delicious!

Strawberry sundae

Oreo & chocolate syrup with chocolate ice cream sundae! Yes, you can build your own!!

Too much excitement!

Typical Harlym… Ice cream everywhere!

Find out if there’s a Culver’s near you! 

Fun Facts About Culver’s: ~The first Culver’s opened in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1984. ~Culver’s was co-founded by Craig and Lea Culver and Craig’s parents George and Ruth. ~There are now more than 500 restaurants in 22 states. ~The first restaurant opened outside of Wisconsin was opened in Minnesota.




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