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Welcome, Anthony Elias Garcia II {aka Deuce}

April 28, 2016

I’m so excited to finally share my labor and delivery story with Deuce! I’m starting a few days prior to his birth so bare with me as this story is a long one! (With super cute pictures at the end!!)

When I got pregnant with Deuce, my estimated due date was April 6th (based on my last period). At our first ultrasound, his measurements put my due date around April 15th. And then at every ultrasound from that point on, my due date was April 9th based on his size. So we knew I was due somewhere between April 6-15, and I was going by the 15th because I figured it would be easier to have him “early” than have him super late!

After a super easy first and second trimester (no weight gain, no morning sickness, lots of energy, etc), I was expecting a really easy pregnancy! Fast forward to the end of March and I was miserable. I had a ton of issues (sciatica, braxton hicks starting at 30 weeks, insomnia, migraines, and more) and was just completely done being pregnant. I researched ways to induce labor naturally and spicy food came up a lot. So on Wednesday, March 30, we decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant that is famous for it’s spicy food! The next day (Thursday, March 31), I woke up at 5:30am throwing up. And it didn’t slow down for hours. I ended up going to the hospital and being put on an IV for dehydration. That day, I decided I was done with any crazy induction methods cause they just made me feel 1,000x worse. The next day (Friday, April 1) I went to get a pedicure with a reflexology massage on my feet. It felt amazing and the guy that did it said he was sure I would go into labor after this massage! I also bought a yoga ball and started bouncing from that day on. On Saturday, April 2, I had my bloody show. I bounced on the yoga ball a ton. I had steady contractions from 3-10pm and irregular but painful contractions through the night. On Sunday, April 3, I did lots of cleaning. I did some yoga ball bouncing. I also had a dull pain in my lower back all day. And I lost more mucous and blood! The next day (Monday, April 4) I had a doctor appointment; I got my membranes stripped and my doctor said I was 4cm dilated and 90% effaced. I was having irregular contractions and lost more blood and mucous later on that day. My doctor also scheduled me for induction on Wednesday night (April 6).

On Tuesday, we decided to go to a trampoline park. I was dying to get out of the house and I wanted to take the girls to do something fun before everything was about to change! My sister came with us and we had a lot of fun. I sat on the trampolines as the girls jumped all around me. I chased them around and we laughed and played and just had some precious moments. :)

We got home around 2pm and I put the girls down for a nap. I sat on the ground and started folding laundry (it was piling up and I had been avoiding it). Around 3, I leaned forward to grab some clothes from a basket I couldn’t reach and I felt warm fluid come out of me. I immediately felt so embarrassed because I though I peed my pants! I got up and walked to the bathroom and nothing else came out on my way there. But once I sat on the toilet, the fluid wouldn’t stop coming out. I sat there for 15 minutes and it still wouldn’t stop! As I was sitting there, I called my husband, but he wouldn’t answer so I called my mother-in-law, because our plan was for her to stay with the girls during our hospital stay! Luckily, my sister was still at my house and she was able to take me to the hospital!

After they confirmed that my water had in fact broken, I was admitted and they said my contractions were still 7-10 minutes apart. The doctor said if they weren’t closer together by 7, they would put me on pitocin. Well, they didn’t get any closer and by 7:30pm, I was only dilated to 4 1/2, so they started the pitocin! And that’s when things started going downhill. Baby boy’s heart rate starting dropping like crazy during contractions, so they had to slow the pitocin down and eventually stop it. I had to be on oxygen from that moment on, since his heart rate was dangerously low, which was AWFUL and made me feel so claustrophobic and anxious.

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I didn’t feel any contractions in my belly like I did with the girls. I felt intense pressure in my back and butt; we discovered baby boy was “sunny side up,” so I had to use a peanut ball for the remainder of labor.

Around 9pm I asked for the epidural, because my butt and back were killing me. By 12am I was finally 8-9 cm, so they called the doctor. At 12:30am, I started pushing (only had to push four or five times!)

You know when your baby is born and the doctor holds him/her up? Then you hear your baby cry for the first time and daddy cuts the cord? Well that’s what I was expecting to happen because that’s what happened when Brooklynn and Harlym were born. Well, that didn’t happen…

I was a few pushes in and the doctor said that Deuce’s head was coming out. Then I saw Anthony’s face (so so happy) and he said, “his head is out, babe!!” I tried to move the blanket off my legs to see his head and the doctor held the blanket there and said quietly to the nurse, “okay, let’s take care of this quickly.” With just Deuce’s head out, he told Anthony it was time to cut the cord. I was so confused. But then everything seemed fine and at 12:50am on Wednesday, April 6, Anthony Elias Garcia II was born. The doctor help him up and he immediately peed all over my feet and legs! I was laughing and crying and so overjoyed. (Apparently the cord had been wrapped around his neck a few times. Looking back it’s absolutely terrifying, but I’m so glad my doctor was calm and handled it so well!)

…But he didn’t cry. The nurse took him over to the other side of the room and they “worked on him” for about ten minutes. I didn’t hear him cry once and I was terrified. Finally, they brought him over to me and said he was breathing fine, just hadn’t cried yet. I nursed him and he latched perfectly the first time!

We didn’t hear him cry for the first 24 hours of life, but he was nursing perfectly so they weren’t super worried! He was also making a snoring noise with every breath that they were keeping an eye on (caused by fluid in his lungs). By Thursday, he was doing so well! He did fail his hearing test but passed the second time. We were so eager to go home because of what a dramatic labor and delivery I had. Also, having a baby in the middle of the night is AWFUL! We didn’t get moved to our postpartum room until 5am and then family started showing up to meet the baby at 8am! I didn’t sleep for almost 36 hours and was absolutely exhausted. We got to go home Thursday afternoon and…

He is doing SO well! We are so so in love. Words can’t even describe! He sleeps and nurses 24/7. The girls are obsessed with him. We can’t remember a time when he didn’t exist, it’s like he was always here.

Monogrammed set: Julia Scott Designs

DAD tee: The Blue Envelope

My robe: Belabumbum



My tee: Strawberry Revolution | His blanket: Charley Charles Shop | His beanie: Ollie & Tate | My necklace: Hobokin & Co

His beanie: Little Adi + Co. | His blanket: Modern Burlap

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Robe: Belabumbum

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Walking in to meet their little brother for the first time! Shirts by The Blue Envelope

Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see baby boy as he’s getting bigger! I can’t believe he’s already three weeks old!




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    April 28, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Love these photos! At the end of the day labor and delivery is beautiful XO

  • Reply
    Amber B. (@amberstarr82)
    May 1, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Awww, loved reading this! Birth stories are so great as they’re all so different. He’s adorable!

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    May 4, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    He’s so precious!!! Congratulations!! <3

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    May 5, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Nobody should look that great during delivery and just after having a baby!! Love these photos, they are so sweet. You have such a beautiful family. Looking at todays post, I am FLOORED you had your third baby weeks ago. You look amazing mama!!

    xx, Elise

    • Reply
      Bethanie Garcia
      May 7, 2016 at 10:22 pm

      Oh my goodness!! You are too kind!!! Thank you girl :)

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