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Top 10 Essentials for Nursing

August 14, 2016

Three kids and three VERY different breastfeeding journeys later… I think I have experienced just about every obstacle a nursing mama could face. I’ve tried just about every product on the market, some with fierce victory, others will intense failure. While the only real nursing essential is boobs, I believe these products will help make your breastfeeding journey a lot easier!

nursing in public in a red maxi lularoe dress - style for all occasions

1. Nursing Cover – I’ve owned over fifteen brands of nursing covers between my three kids and have come to love and hate certain brands… My tried and true, go-to nursing covers are from Covered Goods, Milk Snob, Cover Me Ponchos, and NuRoo Nursing Scarf! The first three also double as a car seat cover!

2. Boob Butter – This stuff is magical. It soothes sore and cracked nipples. I used it religiously the first few weeks of nursing my son! It’s the only cream I’ve found that I feel comfortable nursing with.

3. Nursing Bra – I use this one at night (super, super comfy!) and this one for the day. I feel like you need at least one bra for comfort and one to feel a little bit sexy!

4. Breast Pump – I exclusively breastfeed, but still love and need my pump. I pumped the entire time Deuce was in the hospital for his surgery (with THIS pump) and stored the milk. I also pump several times I week when my boobs get engorged. The reason I love this pump is the on-the-go tote! We can take it anywhere (for example, the hospital) and it fits neatly and discreetly!

5. Nursing Pillow – I LOVE my nursing pillow, it makes for comfortable and easy nursing sessions!

6. Easy Access Wardrobe – Easy access is everything to me. If I can’t easily nurse in an outfit, odds are I won’t wear it. My favorite dress for comfort, style and easy access is one I got from Lularoe! I’ve linked more stylish/nursing friendly pieces below!

red maxi lularoe dress - style for all occasions red maxi lularoe dress - style for all occasions


7. Reuseable Nursing Pads – Because the amount of money I spent on nursing pads with my first two kids is kind of outrageous. I love these ones and these ones.

8. Nursing Tanks – I didn’t own a nursing tank with my first baby and I wish I would have. I especially love wearing them to bed and around the house. Target has my favorite (I have this one in multiple colors) and my second favorite nursing tanks!

9. Oat Mama – These bars are amazing for milk supply! And so tasty!

10. Nursing Necklaces – I own soooo many nursing and teething necklaces, but here are my faves: The Vintage Honey Shop, Hello Teether, a la mum, and Minted Lane.

What is on your list of nursing essentials? Tell me in the comments below!

Dress c/o Lularoe – Tiffany Gore Boutique | Nursing cover pictured: Covered Goods | Photos by Melodee Lynn Photography | Braids by Shelby Lung

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my top ten essentials for breastfeeding my top ten essentials for nursing and breastfeeding



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    May 14, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    I wish I would have thought to buy reusable nursing pads. I purchaased disposables because of the convenience, but I went through so many more than I thought I would. I will definitely be trying our reusable pads next time. Thanks for the tip!

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