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This Inclusive Bra Brand Helped Me Find My True Bra Size

May 21, 2019

For the longest time now, I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size and guys… when it comes to bras… SIZE MATTERS. I am so excited to share my personal experience with the brand that helped me discover my true size and opened me up to a whole new world of luxury nursing bras.

I’ve heard of ThirdLove and their Fit Finder quiz over the years, but never pulled the plug because I thought I was fine in my same sports bra I’ve had since 2013… and that one bra I got from that one store in the mall that “claimed” they had measured me, yet my boobs were always spilling out the middle. I was convinced that I just had a boob shape that bras didn’t like.

Let me tell you, ThirdLove rocked my bra world. Here’s a few things I love about this brand:

  1. INCLUSIVITY. One thing that 99% of intimates brands severely lack? Inclusivity. Or they preach inclusivity on their Instagram feeds, but only go up to a 40 G. You know how many women that excludes when all is said and done? Inclusivity isn’t a destination. It isn’t a box you can check or job you finish at the end of the day. Inclusivity is an ongoing process, it’s a verb—something you enact on a daily basis. ThirdLove’s mission is one that resonates with me and one of the reasons I even chose to shop with them in the first place. ThirdLove’s mission as stated by its founding women: “What this means for ThirdLove is that our work is never done. What this means for women is that they can rely on us, now and forever. We’re always creating more options for women, and to that end, we’re adding even more sizes in our core styles this month—including both larger and smaller sizes—for a total of 78 sizes. ThirdLove understands that no two bodies are exactly alike, so why design every bra the same? ThirdLove is revolutionizing intimates by individualizing bras with 78 different sizes, for all kinds of women.” Now that is a brand that I can 100% get behind.
  2. SIZING. As I just mentioned, ThirdLove carries a whopping 78 sizes, and they offer a 60 Day Fit Guarantee. Not a perfect fit? No problem. Returns and exchanges are free and easy. That gives me so much peace ordering online because if it doesn’t fit I can easily exchange it. They also have a FIT FINDER QUIZ which helps you find out which band size, cup size, and bra type to order. I had been wearing a 38DD for the past 3 years and the Fit Finder Quiz told me I needed a 36F. I didn’t believe it but when the bra arrived in the mail, my mind was blown. I had been wearing the wrong size all these years. It takes less than a minute to find your perfect fit (and helps you identify your breast shape and find styles that fit your body).
  3. PERFECT FOR MOMS. The 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra (in Taupe) is my current personal favorite, and it comes in a wide size range: cup sizes A through I and band sizes 32 to 48. This bra features luxe, clip-down pleated straps with super soft lining for no-slip comfort. It has drop down cups for easy nursing or pumping (a must). The double-layer back with hidden elastic smooths your silhouette. And it has foam-padded hook & eye with tagless (scratch-free!) printed label. I’m so excited to have a supportive nursing bra as I continue my nursing journey with Bronx.

I also got the Crossfront Bikini underwear in Taupe to match my nursing bra. There’s something about a matching set that makes me feel so put together and ready to take on the day!

If you have large breasts and can’t find a bra brand that caters to your shape and size… hi, meet my friend ThirdLove.

If you’re looking for a supportive and comfortable nursing bra that still gives your boobs the shape they deserve… well, have you met my friend ThirdLove?

If you have BOOBS IN GENERAL… ThirdLove is your new best friend.

Thanks so much ThirdLove for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.



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