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The Journey To Confidence (with Cacique Intimates)

July 30, 2019

This post is sponsored by Cacique Intimates, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A peek into my mind, just a year or two ago…

On any given day, at home with my family, you’ll see me walking around and playing with the kids…cleaning and making sandwiches…folding laundry and brushing teeth. All in my undies. I’m so much more comfortable with a bra and panties on at home, with no clothing to restrict me. Free as can be. I never think about my stretch marks or cellulite or wonder if my kids are judging me for them. I don’t think at all. I just play. And clean. And laugh. Without a care in the world (about my body).

So, why is it that sharing a snapshot of those stretch marks or cellulite on Instagram is so daunting? I’m inundated with thoughts on “is she judging me?” or “does she think I’m ugly for these marks my body has?” When, to put it simply, she would likely feel represented and a little less alone.

And why is it, that I’ve gone out of my way to find clothing and swimsuits that cover up each little mark and fold and dimple. Racerback tanks, crop tops, bodysuits? Nope, not here.

These thoughts and feelings filled my mind constantly, for the better part of my adult life. I’ve only begun my self-love journey in the past year or so. And I still struggle to this day. But finding brands like Cacique Intimates, that go out of their way (with their marketing, advertising and branding) to make me feel represented…to make me feel sexy at ANY size…it truly makes my day, my month, my year.


This is me. I have four children. I started my motherhood journey almost seven years ago. My body has changed so much in the past seven years. I am active, but I don’t work out obsessively and I don’t diet at all. I am passionate and creative. I care deeply for my friends and family. I seek justice and take it personally when someone is wronged (even if they are a stranger). I enjoy trashy television but love a good book. I would rather stay home with family than go out with friends. I’m introverted. I laugh as often as I cry. Both occur daily.

I am more than my stretch marks, skin folds, cellulite. But I still see them, as they are a part of me. And I’m learning to love them every day.

I have moments of unending confidence, like I felt in these photos. But the journey is ongoing. Some days are harder than others.

Wearing these pieces, I do feel more confident than ever. There’s just something about a matching bra and panty set… not to mention the fact that they are so incredibly comfortable and supportive.

But, let’s talk about this Bra (which happens to be my new favorite). The Boost Balconette Bra ($42.95-$62.95) is available in band size 32-50 and cup size A-K. It is comfortable, soft, the straps don’t dig into my shoulders. It truly feels like a luxury piece. It supports my large chest without hurting my back. It’s adjustable. It comes in the cutest prints (I opted for Toile Floral). It offers just enough oomph to round and smooth your shape (without being a full-on push-up bra). (Available at Cacique Intimates.)

Now for the Underwear… The No-Show Hipster Panty ($11.50) is available in sizes 0-28. They are soft, stretchy, breathable. They have a wider waistband and durable leg seams that won’t dig or snag. I also love the high waisted panties! I now own these undies in multiple prints and styles because I love them so much. (Available at Cacique Intimates.)

Confidence is a journey, not a destination. I’m on my way.

You can shop these pieces and more at Cacique Intimates.

Photography by Darrelle Torres



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