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The Detergent EVERY Mom Needs

January 24, 2017

Persil® ProClean® sponsored this post, however, all the opinions expressed here are my own. For more information, please visit the disclaimer page.

As a busy mom to three crazy kiddos, I am always on the prowl for products that will make my life easier and less of a hassle. I am so excited to share a product with you all that is LIFE CHANGING. I hate laundry SO much and avoid it like the plague. I always have problems getting stains out of clothes and am so picky about how detergents smell. Honestly, my husband usually ends up doing the laundry.

We started using Persil® ProClean® after a friend’s recommendation and we will never use another laundry detergent. That’s how good it is! Funny story: My mom came over last week and saw the Persil detergent sitting on our counter and said, “This is every baseball mom’s best friend!” She went on to say that this laundry detergent is the only way to get dirt and grass (and the occasional blood) stains off of my little brother’s baseball pants! She said every baseball mom she knows own ones.

Just in this past week, Deuce has had three nasty blowouts that have stained my shirts and his clothes. And the girls have all kinds of stains in their clothes regularly, from cheetos to juice to dirt and everything in between. Usually, I have to use several stain fighters to get any stain out at all! It is so frustrating and one of the reasons I hate doing laundry. But just one wash with Persil ProClean and these stains are GONE. You guys – I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this is! It’s my new secret weapon as a mom. Plus, it smells AMAZING. Our clean clothes smell fresh and clean… Even our laundry room smells fresh now that we have Persil ProClean in there.

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Above, you can see the before picture of our craft space! Wait until you see how messy it got!

By the way, this rug is a household favorite! It’s from Kroma Carpets and it’s completely washable! Deuce has pooped on it TWICE now and I’ve just thrown it in the wash with Persil detergent and the stains come right out. You can shop the rug HERE.

I invited my sweet friend (and photographer) Melodee, and her adorable son, Dax, over to test out how “good” this detergent really is. We had a morning filled with the messiest crafts we could get our hands on! The kids painted, used glitter pens, paint pens, markers, fabric markers, and all kinds of messy goodness. The kids were even eating strawberries (aka a white rug’s worst nightmare)! The kids kept looking at us like “Ummm, is it okay that we’re making a huge mess?” I thought… the worst that could happen is we spoil a few outfits. No harm done.

But all the stains in their clothes and the rug came out after one wash!!! Hashtag miracle.

 Persil’s Game Day website has free printables, coloring sheets, and game day bingo!! My kiddos and their friend had such a blast making a huge mess and I was able to watch and enjoy them (without freaking out about the mess) because I knew all the stains would come out with Persil ProClean!

Dax’s tee c/o Mama Said Tee’s | Harlym’s hoodie c/o  Young and Free Apparel | Deuce’s leggings c/o Moda Baby | Photos by Melodee Lynn Photography

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