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The Cry Detection Swing You NEED

October 23, 2018

This post is sponsored by Graco as part of their Generation Graco Parents’ Panel.

Parenting in 2018 has its perks… there are so many incredible products on the market that help make parenting easier (or at least, more efficient). One of the products I have heavily relied on the past three months (how has it already been three months?!) is the Graco® Sense2Soothe™ Swing with Cry Detection™ Technology.

Yes, you read that correctly. CRY DETECTION. Meaning that this swing has the technology to sense when Bronx is crying and adjusts the motion, sounds, vibrations, etc. to find the perfect combination to soothe her. And you guys — it works. This swing is a parenting must-have. Especially if you have multiple children and need somewhere safe to lay down the baby. We use it every single day (which you probably know if you watch my Instagram stories). While I help my kindergartner with homework, while I do the dishes, while I watch a TV show with my husband… Bronx is content just a few feet away from me in the swing.

This swing has eight soothing motions, three swing speeds, and 15 songs and sounds (including white noise, nature sounds and music). The swing has an option for Parent Mode, which allows parents to save baby’s favorite soothing settings. Sense2Soothe™ can also be used as a traditional swing when the Cry Detection™ mode is turned off, and it features a multi-direction seat that doubles as a portable rocker.

Pricing and Availability:
• MSRP: $249.99
• Available now!

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