The Best Slings & Wraps For Babywearing

October 27, 2020

When I first became a mom, I remember seeing so many moms babywearing… on Facebook, at the park, at the mall, etc. It was so intimidating to me, but I was also super intrigued. By the time baby #3 rolled around, I finally decided to dive into the world of babywearing. I bought my first wrap and it was SO confusing and overwhelming. So, then I bought a baby carrier and it was so bulky. I just figured, at that point, that babywearing wasn’t for me. But when I had baby #4, I quickly realized that in order to actually have hands to help my older 3, I needed to figure out how I could wear my baby and get things done.

Enter the ring sling. In my head, the ring sling was something that cool Instagram moms wore. In my head, they were expensive and over-hyped. A brand had actually reached out to us and wanted to send one, and I said, “sure, why not!” And that’s when I fell head over heels in love with wearing my babes. In my opinion, ring slings are the BEST for babywearing. They aren’t bulky, they’re comfy (even when wearing older babes), they’re stylish, and they’re SO convenient. Unlike other tools for babywearing, the ring sling can be put on and baby can get situated in just a few seconds. My second favorite tool would be a wrap. They definitely took some practice to get used to, but I do love how soft and comfy most of them are, and baby seems to be snug as a bug inside. The other thing I really love about wraps, is that you can offer a lot of head support for babies (especially newborns).

So, let’s talk my favorite brands!


  1. Wildbird | Ring Sling | My top pick will forever and always be Wildbird. They’re the first ring sling I was ever introduced to, and I freaking love them. Something about their fabric, the style, the way it fits… it’s just SO GOOD.
  2. Hope & Plum | Ring Sling | Something that I feel sets Hope & Plum apart is how buttery their fabric is. With a typical ring sling, the fabric needs to be strong and thick and it can be a bit itchy. Their fabric maintains it’s strength while still being soft to the touch, which is such a win. They also have really beautiful designs.
  3. Solly Baby | Wrap | Solly wraps are beautifully designed and super soft. These are Anthony’s top pick for babywearing, because of how soft they are and how close he feels to baby while wearing them.
  4. Behold Baby | Wrap | My (local!) friend Hayley owns Behold Baby, which is how I got my hands on these wraps. They’re incredibly soft and the designs feel minimalistic (perfect for matching whatever outfit you have on). These wraps are PERFECT for the newborn days, and are the most wallet-friendly of this list.
  5. Happy! | Carrier + Wrap | The only carrier I’ve ever loved is from Happy! Baby. It’s the only carrier that fit my body comfortably and that I felt was sturdy without being bulky. They also have buttery soft wraps!

Drop your favorite babywearing brands in the comments!



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