October 24, 2015

So very excited to finally share…
Baby Garcia #3 is on it’s way!!

Goodness gracious, we are so elated and happy! It feels like forever since I found out and we’ve been keeping this secret. It’s been way harder to keep the secret this time around because around 9 weeks, I got my first POP! This babe has made my belly grow a lot faster this time around, probably cause it’s my third pregnancy! We found out when I was around three weeks pregnant (I had been testing every day for about a month, hoping and praying I was pregnant, and finally the faintest little positive sign came up!) We decided to wait to tell family until we found out the gender at 10 weeks through a blood test… {Gender announcement coming soon!}

My first bumpdate!

How far along: 15 weeks as of yesterday!

Total weight gain: I’ve lost about ten pounds total! No gain yet.

Stretch marks: Nothing new, just the few I got with B and the million I got with H…lol

Belly button in or out: In! (It’s never popped out with any pregnancy, so maybe this time around it will!)

Movement: I can feel little rolls and movements but Anthony hasn’t really been able to feel anything yet.

Food cravings: For a while, all food was horrible. Now, all food is amazing. Haha, I’m hungry all the time, but my main cravings are Granny Smith apples and Colby jack cheese.

Showing: Yep! I haven’t had someone out in public comment on my bump but it’s definitely noticeable to me!

Symptoms: Fatigue. All the time. This has been the hardest thing about this pregnancy. I’ve barely thrown up (which I did every day for 4 months with B & H) but I can’t function without 9 hours of sleep and a two hour nap! (Which is impossible with two toddlers!)

Mood: Excited!!

Here’s some pictures from the day we found out until now!  




Xo, The Garcia’s
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    October 24, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    CONGRATS!! So happy for you! I just thought to myself the other day, “Man, that girl hasn’t posted much!” Now I know why! Very happy for y’all!

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