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spring style + why I’m done trying to induce labor

April 1, 2016

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When you’re almost 10 months pregnant and days away from induction, you’ll try anything to go into labor. With the girls, I tried bouncing on a yoga ball, castor oil mixed with OJ, evening primrose oil pills up my you know what AND orally, walking, sex and STILL had to be induced! So this time, I thought I would try something different…spicy food! I never eat spicy food, but was up for anything, thanks to such a miserable pregnancy. We went to a Mexican restaurant that is famous for it’s spicy dishes and had a fabulous and delicious meal. When we got home, I immediately ran to the toilet. And all night long, I was nauseas, couldn’t sleep, just plain miserable. Around 6am the following morning, I started throwing up non stop and eventually made my way to the hospital to make sure the baby was okay since I was so so so sick. My blood pressure was low, oxygen was low, heart rate was high. They put me on an IV and also gave me zofran to help with the nausea. After a few hours, my body returned to a healthy state and I was able to go home! Praise the Lord. All this to say– I would rather go to 42 weeks than ever go through that again, it was awful! So for now, I’m going to enjoy these last few days/weeks and not push my body further than it can go. As long as my baby boy is healthy, that’s all that matters to me!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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