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Small Shop Wednesday: Wee Rascals

April 5, 2017

I am so excited to share one of my favorite small shops with you all, Wee Rascals! Wee Rascals offers inspirational and stylish t-shirts and we LOVE them!! My absolute favorites are “Girl Gang” and “Original Gangsters”!

Want to learn more about the ladies behind Wee Rascals? Keep reading!!!

“We are Kylie + Liz, the 2 Moms behind Wee Rascals. We believe who they see shows them who they can be.  We set out to inspire kids with true tales of heroism and we are breathing this into hip, modern kids t-shirts. We hope to spark curiosity + connect growing brains to inspiring possibilities!

The concept of Wee Rascals was born in late 2013 with the question… What are some true, inspiring tales I can tell my boys?  I wanted real stories, gritty stories & stories that weren’t imaginary on a screen.  Luckily, I found a few and we officially launched February 25, 2014!

My childhood heroes + heroines: Jane Goodall,  Mr. Rogers, Julia Childs, Mary Lou Retton, Julie Andrews, Magnum P.I. (AKA Tom Selleck…am I aging myself here?) I could go on forever but those are a few of my favorites as a kid.

A word about our product: We have high standards (no, really) and we want to bring you the best product we can!  Which means what? Our  t-shirts are either exclusively designed for Wee Rascals and constructed locally in Austin, Texas or are American Apparel but ALL are USA made + printed. We want everyone involved to be paid fairly, treated fairly, and work for fair wages.  We are made for kids, not by kids.  We are involved with every piece of our product from design to print.  There are various amazing people that help us get our t’s out into the world but on a daily basis it is just us.  Two moms with this mission in our hearts!”

My t-shirt: Lala Threads | Photos by Melodee Lynn Photography

These shirts are so soft and I love the strong and beautiful message it sends my son and daughters. I want them to have real and true heroes. Not just superman or ninja turtles. For them to aspire to be like Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln and more!

Want to win $50 shop credit to Wee Rascals? Head to my Instagram at 9am PST!



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