Cranio Deuce Garcia Family

Six Months Post-Op

January 25, 2017

Six months ago, I did the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I handed my son over to complete strangers and trusted them to fix him. I sat in a cold waiting room with my husband and my closest friends and family members and prayed for the surgeon’s hands. I prayed that God would be present in that operation room and that my son would be okay.

Six months ago, I walked into an ICU room and saw my son attached to wires and tubes and IV’s. His head was wrapped and his breathing sounded excruciating. I started crying the moment I laid eyes on him. That moment seemed to last a lifetime.

Six months ago, my son became the bravest person I know. Six months ago, my son became my hero.

And now… Six months later, Deuce is the happiest little boy. He is so sweet and loves his sisters. He laughs all day long. He reaches for his daddy the moment he walks in the door from work. He wants his mama to hold him all day long. This sweet babe has changed all of our lives… for the better. He has given us perspective that most people will never understand.

I am so proud of what he has overcome. I am so proud to be his mama.



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