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Sexy At Every Size || WomenIRL Photo Series

September 16, 2019

A few months ago, my good friend Meg Boggs and I were having a conversation about how every woman deserves to feel sexy. Regardless of size, circumstance, whatever society tells you “isn’t sexy”. We wanted to ask a few girls to join us in sharing our perspectives and what “sexy” means to us. So a few days ago, we teamed up with WomenIRL and a group of powerful women to share what makes us feel SEXY in our own skin.

Once I became a mom, I feel like all “sexiness” went out the window. I spent the first several years of motherhood feeling anything but sexy. My body had endured so many changes and I honestly didn’t recognize the woman I saw staring back at me in the mirror.⠀

Images by Darrelle Torres

My husband always wanted me and told me how beautiful and sexy I was, but those words didn’t make me feel any better about myself internally. They were like little band-aids that made me feel better for a moment, but the wound was still open and there. Once I started my journey towards self-love and body positivity, there was a huge shift in my mentality. I started loving my body, appreciating my body, seeing my body for what it was.

My body has endured loss, my body has given me four healthy children, my body has struggled with anxiety and depression, my body has overcome. And once I was actively appreciating and loving my body, I couldn’t help but see it as sexy. I started flirting and teasing my husband and wearing lingerie I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing before. I started seeing every roll and curve and dimple as beautiful. I started feeling sexy for living my life unapologetically- regardless of my size. I wasn’t worried about what people think or what society’s definition of sexy is.

I feel sexy in my skin and I am thankful every day for this body of mine.⠀

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