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Self-Love Letter to My Postpartum Body

February 12, 2021
This post is sponsored by Poise®, but dedicated to my body and to your body.
As Valentine’s Day rolls around, our social media feeds are sure to be filled with love notes to the ones we love, adorable tributes and perfectly curated photos of loving moments. We spend so much time showing others how much we love them-but do we pay ourselves that much respect? Do we take time out of our busy schedules to show love to our own bodies? We should start.
Dear Body, You’ve changed. And at first, I didn’t even recognize you. But I’ve come to realize it was you all along. And I’m so thankful for you.
And I want to say thank you for what you’ve done for me- because you deserve to hear it.
Thank you, body. For growing life. Five times.
Thank you, skin, for stretching and doing what you’re supposed to do when my body needs to grow. Each and every mark across my skin tells a story of growth.
Thank you, body, for being there. Even when I wasn’t saying nice things to you and about you.
Thank you, body, for nourishing me.
Thank you, skin, for being soft and squishy. All of the textures you’ve been, this is by far my favorite.
Thank you, body, for being my shelter. My safe place. Thank you for being patient with me when I drifted and when my negative mindset caused you harm.
Thank you, body, for taking up space. I deserve to take up space.
Thank you for changing, as my life changed, as I changed.
Thank you, body, for feeding and nourishing my babies.
Thank you, for being a true miracle, and keeping me alive every single day.
Thank you for recovering from birth- which is a huge, miraculous feat. And you rocked it.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, body.
Love, Bethanie
And thank you to Poise for helping postpartum mothers like me feel more confident and comfortable. Even if we pee when we laugh now, postpartum bodies are meant to be cherished. I am proud to partner with a brand so dedicated to shattering stigmas about new motherhood. If you experience bladder leaks too, I definitely recommend finding the right Poise product for you. For me, my two favorites are their Daily Liners and their Ultra Thin pads. They’re both super thin, comfortable and leave me feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. Honestly, this past year, I’ve learned so much about my postpartum body and what it needs. And I’ve made intentional decisions to break away from hiding parts of me that make me human, to avoid offending people or being embarrassed. From sex after baby, to breastfeeding confidently, to opening up about occasional pee leaks, I’m throwing out cultural expectations and it feels so freeing. And I feel so much more confident since deciding these “taboo” things will no longer be taboo to ME!
This Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to write your body, or yourself a love note. Thank yourself. Thank you body. You deserve it!



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