The Noggle

Living in Arizona is rough come summertime. With lows mid-80s and highs around 115, you can almost always find me inside hiding from the heat during the daytime.

Earlier this summer, with no backseat air conditioning, car rides quickly became uncomfortable for Brooklynn. A/C would be on full blast, yet she was irritable and fussy. We would take her out of the car and she would be sweating and super hot. Since she is almost 11 months, she is in a rear facing car seat and the air just doesn’t hit her, no matter how high it is. Having a baby on the verge of a major breakdown (for good reason) every single time we needed to go somewhere was very distracting for whoever was driving as well. Anthony and I needed a solution. Fast. If I could, I would have us stay inside until the sun sets every night. But unfortunately, that’s very unrealistic with doctor appointments for Brooklynn, myself and baby #2, grocery shopping, going to the bank and a million other things we have to do every week.

I randomly came across a picture posted on Facebook by BabyTown of a new product they were selling called The Noggle. I did some research and fell in love instantly. I showed Anthony and we decided that, although it was a bit pricey, we needed this product ASAP.

The Noggle comes in different lengths and you can choose from so many adorable designs. We got the 6ft hose for $49.99+tax. (I think we spent about $54 total.) We actually bought it straight from their website because BabyTown was completely sold out and not getting another shipment for a few weeks.

The Noggle was created by a couple of dads in AZ, just trying to keep their kids cool. Here’s how it works:

Upon receiving The Noggle, Anthony went to “install” it in our car, which took less than two minutes. Seriously, it was so easy! After that, it’s a cooled off car seat for your kid!

(A/C vent in the front seat where one end of The Noggle connects. This is the only part of the hose that needs to be “installed” and it is easily unconnected when you’re not using it.)

(Where we attached The Noggle on her car seat. You can attach it anywhere you want or even have your child hold it! We chose to attach it to the top/side of her car seat so she wouldn’t mess with it.)

(She loves staying cool!)

Car rides are so much better now! Brooklynn no longer fusses during car rides due to the heat and she comes out of the car sweat-free! I highly suggest this product to families that live in hot states, like us. It makes the burning, scorching summers a little more bearable and is so worth the money. Go buy yours right now at!


Buy yours here!

Xo, Bethanie



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