Pregnancy Comparison (38 weeks)

September 8, 2014

I was going through some old pictures on my laptop and found a picture from when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Brooklynn. Since I am 38 weeks right now, I thought I would do a pregnancy comparison (from conceived to now)!

• Weight: I started off my pregnancy with Brooklynn at 118 pounds. I ended at 153 (so probably very similar to that at 38 weeks). I started off my pregnancy with Harlym (3 months after Brooklynn) at 135 pounds. Right now, at 38 weeks, I am 161. Even though it’s only 8 pounds heavier, I feel way bigger than I did with Brooklynn. Probably due to the fact that I was a lot more in shape before and during her pregnancy and this one I have been very inactive, unless you count chasing around a toddler.
• Belly: With Brooklynn, I didn’t really start showing until I was around 25 weeks. With this pregnancy, I started showing around 10 weeks. As this pregnancy has progressed I have started to feel like my belly size has gone down or just stayed the same ever since I was placed on bed rest.
• Baby size: Brooklynn weighed 7lbs 10 oz at birth. When I was 34 weeks with Harlym, she already weighed 6.1 pounds. I’m scared to see how big she’s going to be at birth, but my doctor thinks she will be huge.
• Complications: With Brooklynn, I had zero complications. I passed out a few times due to being anemic, but besides that…nothing. When I had my six-week postpartum appointment, my doctor told me that I was very blessed and I would always have easy pregnancies and deliveries. With Harlym, the complications have been endless. I’ve had horrible infections that have lasted on and off throughout my whole pregnancy. At 34 weeks I went into pre-term labor and was placed on strict bed rest. At 37 weeks I found out that I have several gallstones and that I’m not a candidate for surgery until after I deliver so I basically have to just deal with the pain (and take lots of medicine). This pregnancy has truly helped me decide that I am done having kids and our little family will be complete after Harlym arrives.
• Stretch marks: I didn’t get a single stretch mark with Brooklynn until I was around 35 weeks. Then they came quickly. With Harlym, they’ve just piled on top of the ones I already have. My stomach, hips, thighs, and boobs are forever ruined. Worth it. My hip tattoo (which you can see in the picture at the top) stayed in great shaped my whole pregnancy with Brooklynn and didn’t stretch or tear or anything. With Harlym, it stretched out completely, has stretch marks going through it and is a lot bigger now. I’m hoping to get it covered up after delivery.
• Clothing: With Brooklynn, I wore all my normal clothes throughout the whole pregnancy with the exception of two maternity shorts I got for free. With Harlym, I had to buy all new clothes around 6 months pregnant.
• Choosing a name: We had “Brooklynn Alessandra” picked out before we even knew the gender. With this pregnancy, we chose Harlym pretty quickly, but her middle name is still being decided.
• Cravings: With Brooklynn I craved citrus. Orange juice, orange or lemon candies, etc. With Harlym, I’ve craved ice chips and just about anything sweet.
• Time: With Brooklynn, I felt like time passed so incredibly slowly. I would count down the days and know exactly how pregnant I was down to the hours. I would check my pregnancy apps every single day and read all the suggested articles. With Harlym, I would forget I was pregnant for days at a time. In the beginning, people would ask me how many weeks I am and I would have to look on my phone. Taking care of Brooklynn took up all of my time and then some. It’s not until a couple weeks ago that I truly started feeling like I was going to be having another baby. Time has passed so quickly!
• Morning sickness: I knew I was pregnant with Brooklynn at about 4 weeks because I was so sick to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had never experienced nausea like that. It lasted until about 12 weeks. This pregnancy I started getting sick around 6 weeks and it lasted much longer. We moved three months into this pregnancy and all I remember is laying in bed while Anthony packed all the boxes…driving to our new home…laying on the floor until our bed arrived…and climbing back into it. I can’t remember exactly when it stopped, at 5 months pregnant I was still throwing up at least once a week.

Labor comparison coming soon! I’m being induced next week, unless she comes before then. Stay tuned.
Xo, Bethanie



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