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Peace of Mind with Bay Alarm Medical

September 6, 2016
The love that my children have for my grandparents makes me so happy. My Grandpa Arnie (Or Barney, as my kids call him) is a common request around my house. Several times a day, my three year old says something along the lines of “Can we go to Grandpa Barney’s house?” or “Can we go swimming with Grandpa Barney?” or “Can grandpa and nana come to my house and bring candy?” I mean, she knows what she wants and is very aware of how spoiled she is by my grandparents.
Bay Alarm Medical - Peace of Mind
Sadly, my grandparents live about 90 minutes away. My grandma is active as can be, still teaching (at a school near us, which means she drives 90 minutes to work). My grandpa is a retired superintendent, principal, basketball coach, and teacher. He holds down the fortress they call home while my grandma’s at school. He spends his days watering the plants (they have an enormous garden), trimming the trees, chasing away snakes, watching whatever game is on, cleaning the pool, and probably sneaking sweets while my grandma is away.
Bay Alarm Medical - Peace of Mind
If I’m being completely honest, it scares me that he is home alone. I know he doesn’t mind, but I can’t help but worry. I worry that he’s fallen while walking down the stairs to the garden and pool. I worry that he’s had a heart attack. I worry that he’s tripped on something in his home and needs help getting up. He is the healthiest 85 year old on the planet, but he’s had some health scares in the past, including a quadruple bypass surgery, which was so scary. He also has diabetes and is on a very strict eating schedule and diet. I can’t handle the thought of losing my grandpa or grandma. And even though my children are young, they are absolutely obsessed and in love with Grandpa Barney and Nana.
Bay Alarm Medical - Peace of Mind
The truth of the matter is… Both of my grandparents are getting older. While they are still active and healthy, the fact that they are always tuned into their Bay Alarm device makes it easier to live my day-to-day life worry free! My friends at Bay Alarm Medical gave me a system to set up in my grandparent’s home. There was minimal set up, so it was super easy to do. It just plugs into their home phone! My grandpa wears the necklace device and when my grandma is home, she wears the bracelet device.
peace of mind with bay alarm medical
bay alarm medical

The Vial of Life goes on the fridge and has all my grandparent’s important medical information (allergies, current medications, emergency contact, DNR, power of attorney, relevant medical history, and more). The photo next to it is from Thanksgiving 2013. Top left is my grandma (who my kids call nana), top left is me, bottom left is my great-grandma, bottom right is my mom, and the baby is Brooklynn (who is now 3)! Five generations together, I will always treasure this photo!

bay alarm medical bay alarm medical

Having a Bay Alarm device installed in their home has put me at ease… knowing that they are just a call away from medical assistance, if need be. I encourage you to look into this medical device for your aging family members, so you can experience the same peace of mind!
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This post is sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical but all thoughts are opinions are mine alone. For more, see the disclaimer page. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!



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    molly @ still being molly
    September 6, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    great post, bethanie!! that’s so sweet of you to be so caring for your grandparents and worried about their well being! they are lucky to have you in their lives!!

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    Sandy a la Mode
    September 6, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    you are so sweet to care for your grandparents – great post!!!

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