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Welcome to The Garcia Diaries
The Garcia Diaries is a lifestyle blog curated for the modern mom, by a modern mother who loves style, travel, and helping moms find daily inspiration.

bethanie garcia
Bethanie Garcia is wife to her highschool sweetheart, mom to three little babes, and passionate about helping other moms navigate motherhood. Whether it’s sharing tips and tricks, sharing style ideas and her favorite shops, or sharing her honest experiences on this crazy journey called motherhood.Read more

Grief and What Would Have Been

When I created this space and community in 2014, the goal was to inspire mothers while sharing the real and raw side of motherhood. I’ve gone back and forth (and back and forth) debating whether to post this or keep it to myself. Keeping it to myself seemed easier. Sharing it would mean facing it.Read More

Mama + Baby Essentials For The First Year

THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY BABBLEBOXX.COM ON BEHALF OF SINGLE EDITION MEDIA. Motherhood is hard. That first year is SO hard! Between late night feedings, sleepless nights, a million diaper changes, diaper rashes, blowouts, soiled outfits, bags under your eyes, cluster feedings, and the list goes on… I’ve gone through that first year of life three times now!Read More

Our Family Photos 2017

I am so excited to share our family photos! We just got them back this morning and I think my jaw dropped to the floor because I was so in love with them. Our photographer perfectly captured each one of our children’s personalities, the love we feel for each other, and the fun we have! WeRead More