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Our Bath Time Favorites

March 25, 2017

I am so excited to share our favorite products for bath time! Being a mama for almost four years now, we have used plenty of products that have been amazing and not-so-great. Check out our absolute favorites below!

  1. Bath Table – We love our bath table (from Tubby Table) and tea party set! It has a suction plate on the bottom so it sticks the the bathtub floor. They have different sets you can use and my girls love the tea party. This table is so much fun, my only complaint is that they don’t want to get out of the bath!
  2. Foam Letters and Numbers – We love the foam numbers and letters (from Nuby) because it gives us the perfect oppurnity to learn how to spell our names and random words. And Deuce just likes to chew on them!
  3. Bath Animals – The girls refuse to bathe without their animal bath toys (from Nuby). Brooklynn has basically had these toys since she was born and never gets tired of playing with them.
  4. Bath Crayons – I hate a love/hate relationship with bath crayons because yes – they can be messy. But the kids LOVE them.
  5. Bathtime Kids Shampoo and Conditioner – We love this shampoo and conditioner for a few reasons. First of all, it smells amazing. Secondly, it gets all the knots out of the girls’ hair (which is hard to do). And third, it’s paraben-free, glycol-free & sulfate-free, it’s hypoallergenic, there are no artificial fragrances or dyes, it’s scented only with pure essential oils & extracts, and it’s cruelty-free & vegan. (Insert praise hands emoji!!!)
  6. Bath Color – We love these dissolving tablets, too! It turns the water fun colors! Expert tip: don’t put in all the colors at once LOL.
  7. Hooded Towels – These hooded towels from Modern Burlap are must-haves!



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