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My VERY REAL experience with botox and fillers

March 19, 2017

Two weeks ago, I went to Glo MedSpa in Scottsdale to get botox and lip fillers! I was so nervous and excited but confident in my decision to get some problem areas fixed on my face! I had a small dip in my forehead anytime I lifted my brows and wanted to fix that. I’ve also wanted to enhance my lips for a while now, because I’ve always been self-conscious about my upper lip being very thin.

Especially after talking with Carly (the RN at Glo MedSpa), it became evident that botox and fillers are such taboo subjects and they really shouldn’t be. After my visit at Glo MedSpa, I got DM’s asking why I would get botox, I got a few not-so-nice comments from family and friends and they really all stemmed from lack of education about botox and fillers. One family member made a few comments on how my lips were “SO BIG” and that “hopefully they were going to go down!” and I mean, yeah, they are swollen for two weeks and this conversation took place around five days after!! A few people also made it clear that they didn’t believe I needed botox because I don’t have wrinkles. Talking with Carly really helped clear up any questions or concerns I had. She talked about how botox is best used as a preventative measure. She said to come see her before you start getting wrinkles and she can prevent them!! *praise hands emoji!*

Before I share my results, I just want to say that I am SO HAPPY I decided to do this. I feel so much more confident and I think that that is so important – especially when you’re stuck in a postpartum slump. I believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and no one needs to “fix” their flaws. But this extra boost of confidence is so worth it to me and I believe everyone should have the power to choose if they want to enhance their lips, prevent wrinkles, get rid of wrinkles, remove skin tags, get laser hair removal, and the list goes on!!!


Experience: I was so nervous as soon as Carly brought out the needles, but I literally did not feel them at ALL!!! It took a total of three minutes and we were done! I was so shocked at how easy and painless it was.

After-thoughts: I’m sold. The dip in my forehead is completely gone and any creases I had are invisible! I will definitely be getting botox again.

(And two weeks later, the dip is gone!!! Excuse my acne outbreak, lol.)

Lip Fillers

Experience: The lip fillers took around 20-30 minutes. It was super uncomfortable and definitely hurt a little bit.

After-thoughts: The pain was 100% worth it. I LOVE my results!!! I was so terrified I was going to end up looking like Kylie Jenner, but I feel like my results are natural and not super big at all.

This was the worst of my bruising. It was all gone by day 6.

This last picture is from two weeks after getting the lip fillers with lipstick on! They turned out so great and I really love the results. I don’t feel like my shape is any different, but that I have enhanced volume.

Final Thoughts

100% I will be getting fillers and botox again. I am so in love with how it all turned out! BIG thank you to Carly for answering alllllll of my questions, dealing with me being such a wimp and giving me such amazing results! (Carly is the sweetest person ever and everyone needs to go book with her!)

Deal alert!!! If you book with Carly and mention The Garcia Diaries, you’ll receive $8/unit for Botox (most people need between 20-40), $100 off Juvederm or 50% off laser services!

You can also watch my whole experience and afterthoughts on VIDEO! Thanks for watching!!

Would you get botox or fillers? Tell me in the comments!!



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