My Postpartum Must-Haves

December 18, 2020

This post is sponsored by Poise®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I was a first time mom registering for my baby shower, I wish I would have known what products I would truly need. Not even just for a new baby, but for myself. After I gave birth for the first time (before the time of same-day delivery), my husband was sent on so many late-night store runs after a new surprise issue would arise and I needed something I didn’t have. After delivering five babies, I feel like I have enough experience to know what products are “must-haves” for the postpartum time. Postpartum is a wide term, because you can be five weeks postpartum or five years postpartum. Wherever you’re at in your postpartum journey, here’s what I highly recommend:

1 | Reusable Nursing Pads | Gosh, I wish I would’ve known about reusable pads sooner! The disposable ones would get stuck to my nipple and would really hurt when I had to peel them off. The reusable ones are so much higher quality, more cost effective, and more comfortable. Literally a win-win-win, should I go on?

2 | Poise Daily Liners | I use Poise pads after I transition out of those big ‘ole booster pads meant for heavier protection. And I pretty much wear them all the time. They offer 3-in-1 protection with odor control, dryness and comfort. Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience pee leaks? Postpartum brings a whole new array of things to our bodies and Poise just happens to be one of my favorite solutions.

3 | Letdown Catcher | And while we’re talking about breast milk and leaking, how about breast milk leaks?! Stick one of these bad boys on the opposite boob while you nurse and watch what happens. So. Much. Milk. Saved.

4 | Upside-Down Peri Bottle | You know those peri bottles they give you in the hospital? Pass. Bring this one instead. 100x more functional and efficient. Your lady parts will thank you.

5 | Donut Cushion | Speaking of lady parts thanking you, add this to your cart immediately. Because your butt wants to thank you, too. (How did I not know this existed until AFTER baby #4???)

6 | Scrunchies | Never underestimate the power of the mom bun. Seriously, postpartum is hard. And sometimes getting a shower in is even harder. And sometimes your showers are cut short before you can even wash your hair. Having a bowl of scrunchies nearby is a life saver.

7 | Sitz Bath Salt | Once again, your butt will thank you for this TLC in your healing process. (And honestly, your whole body.)

8 | Hydroflask | You will need lots of water. And if you’re like me, you want refreshing, ice cold water at any given second. I love these water bottles because they keep my water fresh, freezing, and ready. These are great for postpartum, especially if you’re nursing- I am constantly thirsty! (And drinking from my bottle while I type this.)

9 | Recovery Postpartum Leggings | Having support on your belly postpartum is so important for healing and comfort. These leggings are my FAVORITE. They’re one of those products I wish I would’ve known about SO much sooner!

All in all, postpartum is a process. It’s hard and it’s exhausting and it’s rewarding and it’s beautiful, all at the same time. And no matter what, you’re doing a good job, mama.



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