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Hi! I’m so excited you’re here!

My name is Bethanie Garcia and this is my little corner of the internet. The Garcia Diaries started in early 2014 as a creative outlet and has quickly turned into my passion, heart and soul, and business. I get a lot of the same questions, so feel free to read some FAQ’s below!


Q: How long have you and your husband been married?

A: We have been married for almost five years now!

Q: How far apart in age are your daughters?

A: My daughters are twelve months and two weeks apart!

Q: Is it hard having your kids so close in age?

A: I feel like having any kids at all, no matter how close or far apart, is HARD! But I couldn’t imagine it any other way… my kids are best friends. I love it and am so grateful for God’s plan (even if it wasn’t my plan, lol)!

Q: How many kids do you want?

A: Three is the perfect number to me! And my husband agrees!

(Edited in 2018 to add – now four is the perfect number. LOL)

Q: What city do you live in?

A: Gilbert, Arizona.

Q: How did you and your husband meet?

A: We met and fell in love in high school!

Q: Do you have any siblings?

A: Yes! I have three younger siblings; Hannah, Jon, and Daniel.

Q: Why did you name your son Deuce?

A: He is named after my husband. His legal name is Anthony Elias Garcia II. Deuce is his nickname and is a play on the word “second” (instead of “Junior”). I hated it for so long and used to get mad when Anthony called him that (while I was still pregnant). But from the moment he was born, I haven’t called him anything else! The nickname Deuce suits him so well and is pretty unique, I’ve grown to LOVE it!

Q: What condition does your son have?

A: Deuce was diagnosed with craniosynostosis at 2 months old. You can read all about it here.

Q: How many surgeries has Deuce had?

A: He had his first surgery (endoscopic skull surgery) at 3.5 months old. Following the surgery, he had a docband (helmet) for 8ish months. Unfortunately, he regressed and we found out in 2017 that he would need a second surgery. He had his second surgery at 21 months old (open cranial vault reconstruction).

Q: How long have you been blogging?

A: I’ve been blogging for four years!

Q: What are you naming baby #4?

A: Bronx Elliot.

Q: Do you have any tips on growing social media?

A: Yes! You can see read expert tips here and email me ( for further questions!

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