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M is for Monster

I was so excited to recently come across a company called M is for Monster! They provide “preschool in a box”! There are three different levels of packages, each level is designed with your child in mind. From the beginning preschooler to the graduated preschooler, they create activities that are fun and educational for each level. Each package provides your child with fun activities while teaching them their letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more!

We received two packages, both level 1 (designed for ages two and a half to three). Brooklynn (who is almost three) chose the safari theme and Harlym (who is almost two) chose the pirate theme! We had such a fun time learning, painting, reading, counting and spending time together!

I was shocked at how many activities and supplies came in each package (and you cannot beat the prices)!!


M is for Monster, educational activities for toddlers

Bow: Free Babes | Shirt: So Fetch Designs
M is for Monster, educational activities for toddlers

Shirt: Wire & Honey | Headband: Livie Loo’s

M is for Monster, educational activities for toddlers M is for Monster, educational activities for toddlers

M is for Monster, educational activities for toddlersM is for Monster, educational activities for toddlers

Activities included in the Pirates Theme:

1. Coin Counting- Recognize the number on the card and count out that many gold coins. {number recognition, counting}

2. Treasure Chest Painting- Use the paint and decorate your treasure chest. {fine motor, art}

3. Pirate Play Sticks- Make the props and play pirates for a day! {creative thinking}

4. Pirate Letter Search- Find all the letter p’s and cover with a pirate sticker. {letter recognition, fine motor}

5. Read “Mr. Nervous and the Pirates” by Adam Hargreaves.

Activities included in the Safari Theme:

1. Safari Beads- Make a pattern out of the beads using an ABAB pattern (ex: blue, green, blue, green). Once done making patterns, string on the thread to make a necklace. {math, fine motor}

2. Animal Hunt- Cut the cards apart and place around the house or outdoors. Use the binoculars to go find the animals. {science, gross motor}

3. Snake Shapes- Cut the snake out by following the black lines. Glue the snake together and let dry. Use the Lick a Sticks to make a pattern along the snakes body. {math}

4. Chalk Tracks- Use the animal footprint cards and replicate them using the sidewalk chalk. Make a trail and have someone follow it! {fine motor, gross motor}

5. Read “Wild Kratts Wild Animal Babies” by Martin & Chris Kratt.

Check out M is for Monster!

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M is for Monster // Educational Subscription Boxes



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