July Favorites: Best Amazon Dresses Under $30

July 19, 2019

I want to preface this post by saying “HI, HELLO, I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER IN THE SLIGHTEST!” Haha, but seriously! These photos were all taken organically when I was actually wearing these dresses over the past month or so. They weren’t planned and they were all taken on my iPhone. I’m wearing a size XL in each piece and below each photo I talk about sizing and functionality. I love that these dresses are all under $30 and THAT THEY ARRIVE IN LITERALLY ONE DAY. Amazon Prime for the win!!

Black Polka Dot Shift Dress: $19.99

I love this dress – the rolled up sleeves, ruffle details, print, etc. My only complaint is that it’s a little short in the front, but I slipped some spanx underneath and all was well. Besides that, it fits true to size (TTS). Shop here.

Yellow Polka Dot Dress: $24.99

I love this little yellow number and that it can be dressed way up or way down. The sizing is a little small (I’m in an XL and could’ve easily done the 2XL). Oh, and I should’ve steamed it… whoops. Shop here.

Black Floral Button Up Dress: $27.99

This dress is my new GO-TO. It is super easy to nurse in (the buttons are real), it’s flowy and forgiving and incredibly comfortable. Fits TTS. Shop here.

Button Up White Floral Dress: $17.99

Another favorite for nursing and SUPER comfortable! It was a little big, I could’ve easily done a large instead of XL. Shop here.

Floral Wrap Dress: $25.99

I wish I had gotten a better photo of this dress – this photo doesn’t do it justice! It is beautiful and can be dressed down or up. It’s bohemian chic and I’m going to be wearing it all year long. Fits TTS. Shop here.

Brown Polka Dot Button Dress: $19.99

Once again, I wish I had gotten a better picture but click on the link to see the stock photo! I love this dress, it’s seriously the perfect shift dress. My only complaint was that within an hour of wearing it, one of the buttons came off but I was able to easily sew it back on. Fits TTS. Shop here.



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