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Jake’s Unlimited Birthday Party Experience (with coupon code!)

October 14, 2018

Last month, we celebrated Harlym’s 4th birthday at Jake’s Unlimited in Mesa, Arizona (on Gilbert Rd and Baseline Rd). We had the BEST time having her party there – it was a much different experience than birthday parties in the past. All we did was tell our friends and family when and where to show up and Jake’s did the rest.

Our guests enjoyed pizza, drinks, the unlimited buffet (which has pastas, pizzas, desserts + more), all the rides, the arcade, the bowling alley, etc. I loved that our guests were able to have a fun filled night and we didn’t have to stress about any of it.

I loved that we got our own private room to eat, open presents, hang out, etc. When we’ve had other birthday parties, our time in a “private area” is always super limited OR there’s no privacy whatsoever. It was great to be able to have a “home base” for the first portion of her party (about 90 minutes). After that, we all headed out to the dining seating area to watch the kids ride the rides, go on the bumper cars, and play in the arcade!

The staff at Jake’s was also superb. They handled our 20+ guests with ease and were always there to answer questions and keep the party moving.

Coupon Code

Use code GARCIA for $100 off the “Boss Party Package” at Jake’s Unlimited.

Harlym’s princess dress is from Little Adventures.



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