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Instagram vs. Reality

September 12, 2016

I am a part of so many Facebook groups for moms, and one comment I see a LOT goes a little something like this:

“How are these ‘moms’ on Instagram keeping their houses perfectly cleaned, hair brushed, kids dressed…while I’m over here with spit up on yesterday’s clothing, matted hair and a pig sty of a house that is never clean for more than 4 minutes.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are NOT alone. My Instagram may look perfectly styled and pretty but my life is anything but. My house has horrible lighting, my kids hate when I brush their hair, I have bald spots, I struggle to get to the gym every week, I eat McDonald’s more often than I like to admit, my kids act horrible 80% of the time, I say the “S” word at least 5 times out loud every day (and 100+ times in my head), my car is a mess and my backyard looks like a tornado came through. I love being real just as much as I love being pretty, so today’s post is sponsored by 100% honesty and full disclosure, it isn’t pretty!

@thegarciadiaries instagram vs reality



My three year old is the epitome of Instagram vs. Reality.


This is my personal favorite. She reminds me of when I was growing up and my little brother thought he was a Jedi.

@thegarciadiaries instagram vs reality


My one (almost two!) year old is a sour patch kid, so of course we have a camera roll full of her rolling her eyes or getting into something she isn’t supposed to.

instagram-12@thegarciadiaries instagram vs reality


Even Deuce gets tired of being perfectly cute. ;)


I have some pretty awesome friends (and fellow bloggers) that were kind enough to send me some of their own “Instagram vs. Reality” moments! Check them out below and make sure to follow their perfect feeds!;)


@amyantoinette instagram vs reality


@kozyandco instagram vs reality


@creativewifeandjoyfulworker instagram vs reality


@ashleeknichols instagram vs reality


@love.alfa instagram vs reality


@positivelyoakes instagram vs reality


@tutusandheels instagram vs reality


@raisingjayandabel instagram vs reality

Thank you for allowing me to be real with you all today. Sometimes it’s nice to see what real life looks like so you don’t become consumed with mom guilt because your life doesn’t “look” as perfect as others. Trust me, we are all just trying to make it to bedtime without pulling out our hair. You are NOT alone!!!

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