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Instagram vs. Reality (Part II)

August 8, 2017

Last year, I published a post called Instagram vs. Reality and it was an instant hit. I think it resonated with so many people because they loved seeing a more authentic side to bloggers. Sometimes on Instagram, it’s hard to see photo after photo of perfectly styled, clean homes…beautiful moms with gorgeous hair and a face full of makeup…or a pregnant woman who looks like she could be on the cover of Glamour magazine every day of the week.

We are here to tell you, it’s not real. Part of blogging is curating a feed of beautiful photos that people want to follow along with and brands want to be a part of. Today, we are showing you our realities and letting you know that Instagram shows only a very small (heavily filtered) part of our lives.

This is: Instagram vs. Reality. Part Two.

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an Instagram video?

Meg O. On the Go // @mo_meg

Or how bloggers get those perfect shots of their kids? “What you don’t see is a mommy standing on a chair, laughing hysterically, waving a burp rag and making the silliest faces. Doing it all for the gram people, just doing it for the gram.”

A Little J + K // @alittlejandk

This photo doesn’t really even need an explanation. Because it’s all of us.

Twelve & Six Blog // @katiemcrenshaw

And you may catch a glimpse of mama out at the mall with her sweet babe – but most of the time, we’re really just napping. Or trying to get our kids to nap.

Uptown with Elly Brown // @uptownwithellybrown

Of course, some bloggers show their kids in the cutest dresses and outfits, but at home… they run around naked and wild.

The Garcia Diaries // @thegarciadiaries

Ever wonder how bloggers get those infamous shoe shots? It’s not as glamorous as it looks!

Pretty In Pink Megan // @pipmegan

And we may look put together on the gram, but that’s just because we took a week’s worth of selfies the one time we got ready this week.

Hairspray and Highheels // @hairsprayandhighheels

And when it comes to family photos, trust us, we don’t always look like that.

Still Being Molly // @stillbeingmolly

And our photos might show our kids being cute and loving, but they fight just as much as the next set of siblings.

Veronika’s Blushing // @veronabrit

And no, we don’t wake up like this.

Nashville Wifestyles // @nashvillewifestyles

Like I said, Instagram shows a tiny part of our lives. It’s a highlight reel. Don’t ever feel down because your life isn’t like someone else’s on Instagram, because I promise you… you’re not seeing the full picture!

Thank you for letting us be real with you! See you on the gram!



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