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Instagram vs. Reality: Anxiety + Depression

September 20, 2019

“I look at you and I think there’s no way she has anxiety.” (A message I received last night.)⠀

Because this right here is the highlight reel.

This is the 5%. The tip of the iceberg.

The curated and carefully chosen glimpse into our lives.

You may see a laughing, happy photo of someone who is in the midst of a dark depression.

You may see a beautiful vacay photo from someone who is dealing with crippling anxiety.

Sometimes depression looks like me laying in bed all day, sometimes it looks like me laughing on a date with Anthony- garnering what strength I have left to enjoy a few hours alone. Sometimes anxiety looks like a full blown panic attack and sometimes it looks like me smiling through all the terrifying thoughts I’m having.

This is depression and anxiety.



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