Independence Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a happy, happy Fourth of July! We had an amazing weekend, spent it in Tucson with my family. We were going, going, going the whole time so I thought I’d share some of our weekend with you all!We left Thursday morning. Two hour car rides with a ten month old baby = not ideal. She was fussy and trying to figure out how to get out of her car seat the whole time. Finally, once we got to Catalina, she passed out. (But that was only 20 minutes from our destination………) Anthony and I were crammed in the backseat with the car seat, luckily he can sleep anywhere (and he did)!!
As soon as we got there, we went straight for the pool. Brooklynn loves swimming!!

Thursday night, we went to North for dinner to celebrate my grandparent’s 48th wedding anniversary! My grandpa gave the cutest little speech on how he met and fell in love with my grandma.

Then I convinced the fam to walk over to Frost (not a hard fight) for gelato. It was raining and we got drenched. So worth it.

(Before gelato… After gelato.)

That night, my brother, sister, Anthony and I went on a fun adventure in the rain. Such a fun, stormy night!

Friday morning, my grandma, Anthony and I went on a mission to find lots of fireworks, which was surprisingly hard. We eventually found some at Target. On the way home, we stopped to get a party pack of watermelon Eegees, so of course I had to order some Bacon Ranch Fries to go.

When you have the CUTEST Fourth of July outfit ever, there’s no reason to cry!

When your daughter won’t take a cute picture of her outfit and decides she wants to cry instead, you kiss her little face off!

Dinner that afternoon was a good ‘ole fashioned, all American meal; complete with BBQ’d hot dogs, potato salad, cherries, WATERMELON EEGEES, and lots more.

Anthony and Brooklynn looking so cute as it started to get stormy out!

Family photo op!

Fireworks were a major success, we had tons left over. My grandparent’s house, where we stayed, is in the Catalina Foothills, so we had a breathtaking view of about ten different firework shows across Tucson, as well.

Spectators. Brooklynn was a tad terrified at first but quickly grew to enjoy the show!


A few Fourth of July comparison photos. First one is Fourth of July last year at 31 weeks pregnant with Brooke and then this year at 29 weeks pregnant!Second one is me on my first Fourth in 1995 (I was nine months old) and Brooklynn on her first Fourth in 2014 (at ten months old).

Saturday morning, my sister, brother, Anthony and I hiked Sabino Canyon and got to see some breathtaking views of the canyon with stormy skies.

Anthony’s phone actually cracked while we were hiking and his screen stopped working so we had to take it to get fixed. On our way home from the Tucson Mall, our view of the Catalina’s was amazing! The storm clouds were hiding the mountains! About an hour after we got home, the storm hit my grandparent’s house. We all sat outside on the patio and watched in awe. It even started hailing, too! I love the lightning and thunder, it’s one of the things I miss most about living in Tucson. Brooklynn loved the rain, too.

Sunday morning, we headed home, back to reality. We had such an amazing weekend, filled with laughter and love! Happy Fourth of July!

Xo, Bethanie



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