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How well do my husband and I know each other?

Q1: What is his/her favorite food?

Anthony said: Her favorite food is chicken caesar salad. Anytime, anywhere. Mexican, asian, american restaurant- doesn’t matter. She has the same order.

Bethanie said: Enchiladas. I don’t know! He always wants Mexican food. So tacos, maybe? He is super picky.

Anthony’s favorite food: Chicken Wings

Bethanie’s favorite food: Chicken Caesar Salad

Q2: If he/she could pick a date night, what would it be?

Anthony said: She would pick dinner at Sauce, ice cream for dessert.

Bethanie said: He would want to stay home and watch a movie, maybe order some food in.

Anthony’s date night pick: At home, a movie and some cuddles.

Bethanie’s date night pick: Dinner at Sauce and a movie.

Q3: If he/she could pick a fast food lunch, where would it be?

Anthony said: She would pick McDonald’s… Hot n Spicy no mayo, large fry, large Dr. Pepper.

Bethanie said: He would pick In-N-Out or Chipotle.

Anthony’s fast food pick: In-N-Out

Bethanie’s fast food pick: Panda Express or Mickey D’s

Q4: What’s his/her biggest fear?

Anthony said: Her biggest fear is anything bad happening to our kids.

Bethanie said: I don’t know if my husband is scared of anything, if he is, he doesn’t show it! I think his biggest fear would be the girls and I ruining his hat collection, hahahah.

Anthony’s biggest fear: Something bad happening to my wife and kids

Bethanie’s biggest fear: Natural disaster happening when my kids are away from me, which is why I don’t let them out of my sight!

Q5: What house chore does he/she hate the most?

Anthony said: She hates dishes.

Bethanie said: The dishes. I only say that cause I’ve never seen him do them in my life, lol!

Anthony’s least fave chore: Dishes

Bethanie least fave chore: Folding the laundry

Q6: What house chore does he/she enjoy the most?

Anthony said: Probably cleaning our bedroom, cause she loves it when our room is clean.

Bethanie said: He enjoys doing his laundry the most, only because he thinks I ruin his clothes when I wash them (he’s kinda right, I suck at laundry).

Anthony’s fave house chore: Laundry

Bethanie’s fave house chore: Vacuuming

Q7: How much sleep does he/she need to be the best version of themselves?

Anthony said: She needs like 10 hours.

Bethanie said: He needs 6-7 hours, but there’s been nights where he only gets 3-4 and is still the best hubby & daddy.

Anthony’s answer: 8 hours

Bethanie’s answer: 9 hours AT LEAST

Q8: What is his/her favorite drink?

Anthony said: Dr. Pepper.

Bethanie said: Lemonade or sprite at a restaurant. Tampico is his favorite drink at home.

Anthony’s fave drink: Water

Bethanie’s fave drink: Dr. Pepper

Q9: How many more kids does he/she want?

Anthony said: None. Unless a dog counts as a kid.

Bethanie said: Big. Fat. Zero.

Anthony’s answer: 0

Bethanie’s answer: 0

Q10: If he/she had to have plastic surgery on one part of their body, what would it be?

Anthony said: Her nose.

Bethanie said: Laser hair removal hahahaha. Is that plastic surgery?

Anthony’s plastic surgery pick: My pansa.

Bethanie’s plastic surgery pick: Nose.


Anthony said: She’s the peanut butter to my jelly, I love you baby.

Bethanie said: My husband knows me pretty dang well. There’s no one on earth that knows me better, and no one I would rather spend my life with! (Also, I refuse to accept “water” as an answer to his favorite drink…)


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