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How To Sell Your Home Easily with Opendoor

August 21, 2017

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Opendoor for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We’ve been in our new home for a little over six months now and have loved every second of it. We moved to a small town about an hour and 15 minutes from Phoenix, Arizona. Since the beginning of our marriage, we’ve lived close to Phoenix and in the middle of all the action, so moving so far out of the city has been a hard transition. Lately, we’ve been considering moving to Gilbert next year. When we moved back in March, we came from a rental home so we don’t know or understand the stress of selling a home.

Two of my dear friends have been in the process of selling their homes in the past few months and with one of my friends, it seemed like a never-ending nightmare. She was constantly stressed and overwhelmed. There were so, so, so many things that went wrong. I couldn’t believe the energy that went into selling a home!! Honestly, it made me weary of ever selling our home. Well, my other friend used a service that basically sold her home for her and they seemed to have no issues. I was so intrigued, because both of my friends’ homes were extremely nice but they had such opposite experiences selling their homes.

I had a girls night with my friend (the one that used the service) the other week and I asked her how she had such an easy experience selling her home. I had to know! She started telling me all about Opendoor. They simplify the process of selling a home. With Opendoor you can get a quick cash offer on your home. By selling your home to Opendoor you can skip the hassle of showings, repairs and months of uncertainty.

I was in shock and didn’t even know companies like this existed! After all the talks my husband and I have had about moving to Gilbert, I am so glad my friend told me all about Opendoor. Like I said, with all the horror stories about selling homes, my husband and I were nervous to even consider moving again.

How does Opendoor work?

Read real stories about Opendoor customers here: opendoor.com/stories

After hearing firsthand from my friend, I started reading reviews online and now I can honestly say that I can’t wait to use Opendoor when we’re ready to move next year!

Would you use a service to help sell your home hassle-free??

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