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How To Find Out Your Baby’s Gender Early

February 8, 2018

Two weeks ago, we had a super fun gender reveal dinner with our family and close friends! We revealed that baby #4 is a GIRL!

We are so excited to welcome another baby girl into the family! My husband and I really didn’t care either way – boy or girl – since we have and love raising both!

We found out the gender really early (at 11/12 weeks) thanks to SneakPeek Test. We used this test with Deuce, so we knew we had to use it this time around, too. With the girls, we didn’t find out the gender until 20 weeks and that basically feels like a lifetime when all you want is to buy clothes and crib sheets and decide on a name!! With Deuce we actually found out his gender at 10 weeks (the test can be taken starting at 9 weeks). It was a simple at-home blood test. I ordered it online and they sent me everything I needed to be able to 1) prick my finger, 2) fill a tiny tube with blood, and 3) send it back in a safe, sealed container for them to process. At their labs, they test my blood for any male DNA, and if they find it… I’m having a boy. If they don’t, I’m having a girl! We paid for the normal 3 day processing and found out Deuce was a boy! And when it was confirmed via ultrasound a few months later, we were 100% sold.

So this time around, I learned that SneakPeek had just started offering their blood test at an ultrasound studio near me! Basically, they have ultrasound studios around the U.S. host a “Donuts & DNA” event, where you can go eat donuts and drink coffee, and a licensed phlebotomist does the blood draw (for the same price as the at-home test). I absolutely LOVED this idea, because someone taking my blood sounded a whole lot better than pricking myself like the last time!

We went to Miracle View Ultrasound in Phoenix on a Saturday morning and the blood draw took less than 2 minutes. We also brought the kids with us and it turned out perfectly because they had tons of toys, Boss Baby playing, and food! When we signed the paper, we had them send the results to my mother-in-law, so she could plan our gender reveal dinner!

The at-home test is 99% accurate (because it’s not in a controlled environment) and the in-store test is 100% accurate! If you have more questions, check out their FAQ page!

Check out our gender reveal video below!

We had so much fun with the gender reveal. Basically there were 6 blue eggs and 6 pink eggs. 11 eggs were boiled and 1 was raw. We took turns cracking them on each other’s heads and if it didn’t crack – it wasn’t the gender. The one that finally cracked (ALLLLL over my face) was PINK!

YAY for one more girl!!

Thank you to SneakPeek Test for partnering with me on Baby #4’s gender reveal!



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