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Holiday Gift Guide: Toys & Games for Toddlers

November 1, 2016

I cannot believe it’s already November!! I am the type of person that puts up the Christmas decor and tree way too early. Halloween is barely over and I’ve already moved on to all things red and green! I LOVE Christmas, I love the holidays, I love everything about this time of year (even if it’s still 90 degrees in Arizona)!! My absolute favorite part of the holidays is gift giving. I love the process of picking out the perfect gift and watching my loved one’s face as they rip off the wrapping paper! Every year I do a Holiday Gift Guide series on The Garcia Diaries and let me tell you… This year, my series features some of the most incredible products and shops! To kick off the series, here are my favorite toys and games for toddlers and kids…

Holiday Gift Guide: Toys & Games for Toddlers

1. Wand – I love that this wand can be personalized! My daughter is into all things magical and uses anything stick-like as her pretend wand. I even caught her using a pencil as a wand, so this wooden toy is going to be the perfect stocking stuffer!

2. Cash Register – I remember begging my mom and dad to buy me a cash register for Christmas as a little girl. One day when my parents were taking a nap (and we were supposed to be napping, too), I snuck into the living room and found a present with my name on it. I poked a hole in it and it just happened to be the cash register that I wanted so badly! I know both of my girls would LOVE this!!

3. Pre-school in a box – We already love M is for Monster and do their crafts and games weekly. It is seriously the best box of activities for toddler/preschool aged kids (and so affordable).

4. Yo-yo – Once again, love anything that can be personalized. It makes for such a great keepsake!!

5. Penguin Bowling Game – My girls are obsessed with bowling right now. So of course, this penguin bowling game will be a huge hit in our house! And it’s just an added bonus that we won’t have to pay extra for bowling shoes…

6. Name Puzzle – The perfect way to teach your kids how to spell their names! And the perfect sensory activity for toddlers!

7. Felt Animal Masks – I LOVE these masks. They are absolutely adorable and make for hours of imagination and play!!

8. Kindergarten Toolkit – I have several friends that have RAVED about this kit. I am so excited to see how my girls like it!

9. Felt Story Boards – Since we already have the board, new character sets will make the perfect stocking stuffers! These boards are so amazing and keep my girls entertained for hours.

10. Dinosaur Hooded Cowl – This cowl has the ability to keep my kids warm AND entertained… That is a huge win in my book!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Toys and Games for Toddlers and Kids




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    November 1, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Loving this guide! I see so many goodies I want or have! Amazing list!

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