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Here’s How We Can Do A Better Job of Supporting Fathers

June 4, 2019

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers 360 Fit at Walmart. The opinions and text are my own.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been talking a lot about fatherhood on my Instagram stories. I asked my audience how we can better support new dads, and they had a lot of thoughts. Their answers and opinions were all over the place and there were more than a few that seriously resonated with me and my husband, Anthony.

“Cut them some slack, they are learning, too!”

“LET them support us. I’m an ‘I can do it by myself’ and ‘I can do it better’ type person. It discouraged my partner from wanting to help.”

“He likes to help but doesn’t know how. Being specific helps him.”

“It’s okay that they too gained weight during fatherhood. My man is still hella fine!”

When my husband became a father in 2013, there wasn’t a huge focus on dads and their role in parenthood. We were constantly met with comments about how incredible Anthony was for “actually changing diapers” and “helping out”. In fact, in one instance, a family member actually told me that I should be grateful that Anthony has changed one diaper – that her husband never touched a diaper throughout parenthood. That blew my mind because I never even felt as though Anthony was “helping out”… I felt like he was my equal partner and we were in this together.

If we, as a society, could better support new dads – through our words and actions – I truly believe that it would not only help dads to be better dads, but it would help mothers SO much.

Here’s How We Can Do A Better Job of Supporting Fathers

#1: All men’s restrooms should have diaper changing stations.

Several followers said: “Changing tables in men’s restrooms.”

Honestly, it blows my mind that in 2019, fathers still can’t expect to find a changing table in their bathroom. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has walked into a public restroom, diaper bag in hand, and had to walk out and bring the baby to me so I could change her diaper in the women’s restroom. He wants to help and because of things like this, he’s limited in what he can do.

#2: All employers should offer paternity leave.

“A lot of dads (like my husband) don’t get paternity leave to adjust and bond. They have to go back to work way too quickly.”

“My husband only got 3 days off and it was really hard on him. He didn’t start bonding with my son until he was closer to a year old.”

I am so thankful that Anthony had PTO (paid time off) saved up so that he could take 2.5 weeks off when Bronx was born. At his previous job, he got one week off. My wish for our society is that paternity leave would be the norm and that fathers could get 4-6 weeks off minimally when their baby is born. The first few months are so important when it comes to adjusting as a family and bonding with the new baby. If dads were home more to help, it would take so much more stress off of mama, too.

#3: Stop making a big deal about dad’s who help. Just expect it.

“Treat them as equal caregivers.”

“Not make them feel like babysitters.”

“I think we need to break the stigma that they are our babysitters.”

It’s a very outdated notion that moms are the primary caretakers and dads “just babysit” when moms are gone. Enough is enough. When my husband is at home and I’m running errands, he’s not babysitting… he’s being a father to his kids. Same way, when he’s at work and I’m at home, I’m not babysitting… I’m just being a mom.

#4: Words of support.

“I always try to tell him how good of a job he’s doing.”

“Check up on them. They are struggling, too.”

“We need to be more supportive of their mental health. PPD can affect them, too.”

There are so many emotions and feelings that come along with parenthood. In fact, recent studies show that dads can develop postpartum depression, too. If your partner is struggling, get him help. As a society, we need to be more aware and understanding of paternal mental health and ready to support in whatever way we can.

Tip 5: Gift the #LoveTheChange Kit to the dad in your life this Father’s Day.

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When he’s buying diapers – he always reaches for Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit. Pampers Cruisers are the latest innovation in diapers from Pampers, the brand parents trust. Made for active kids aged 6 months-2 years, Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit are super easy to put on and give your baby freedom to move AND superior protection. With a 360° stretchy waistband that fastens at the waist, the all-around stretch provides an adaptive and comfortable fit for your active baby.

My husband is always being the best dad he can be. He plays with the kids every day, he sings to them, reads books to them, helps them do their chores, helps with homework. He changes the diapers when we’re out and about. He does the grocery shopping (Walmart Online Grocery for the win)!

Be sure to check out me and Anthony on Arizona Midday on June 5th! We will be sharing Anthony’s take on being a modern-day dad and how the #LoveTheChange kit makes a great gift for dads this Father’s Day.



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