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Garcia Family Park Date!

March 9, 2016

We had so much at the park yesterday as a family. We explored, ran up and down hills, fed ducks, and laughed together. We brought along some snacks from Sweetie Pie Organics, too! You can read about how healthy these snacks are here, but I’m here to tell you how tasty they are! My girls love the freeze dried snacks- their fave being pineapple, sweet pea and apple!!



Now onto shoes… I used to make my girls wear tennis shoes every time we went to the park or anytime I knew they’d be running around. But ever since our family was introduced to pediped, that’s all the girls wear! They are super comfortable and clearly adorable. They just debuted their Spring/Summer 2016 collection featuring over 70 new styles across its signature footwear system. I HIGHLY suggest these shoes, we love them and the girls wear them all. the. time.


Shop pediped here · Shop Sweetie Pie Organics here

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