Garcia Family Update (Brooklynn’s 14 months, Harlym’s 1 month, 6 week PP)

Brooklynn’s 14 month update

B is growing up super fast. The things she does, it’s crazy. I don’t know how or where she learns some things. And she’s talking. My little 7lb baby is now talking.

B’s words: thank you, more, mama, dada, dog, ball, no, yeah, sissy (maybe a few I’m forgetting). Most of these words come out as baby talk, for example “thank you” sounds more like “dankuuuu” but we get the point.
She does the FUNNIEST things. We are constantly laughing at her. Some of the things she does are also irritating (lol). She always crawls into her sister’s mamaroo or car seat. She puts things in the trash for us when we ask her, sometimes she puts anything on the floor in the trash. She’s constantly getting into the pantry and taking food out. The moment she’s swallowed a drink or taken a bite of something she says “more?” Like how could you possibly want more that quickly?! She always stands in the bathtub (which is a big no-no). When mommy tells her no, she smiles and giggles. When daddy tells her no, the tears start pouring and she runs to mommy. She loves giving hugs and kisses. She cries so hard whenever someone comes over and leaves without her…she wants to escape! She knocks on the door or wall and whispers, “who is it?” Oh gosh, it’s so cute. She loves putting her shoes on. And she LOVES reading. She always has a book. The other day, I look over and she’s saying “blah blah blah” or babbling whatever baby talk comes to mind, while turning pages in front of Harlym. She was reading a book to her sister. *heart melts*

She wears size 12-18 months, she’s still wearing size 3 diapers, size 5 shoes. She weighs 19lbs STILL and she hates it when I touch her hair.IMG_2492.PNG






Harlym’s 1 month update (a little late)

Oh, H. Why must you be so big so soon?!

This baby is growing LIKE CRAZY. At her one month check up (2.5 weeks ago), she already weighed 10lbs. She’s gotta be over 11 by now because my chest feels heavy and starts hurting after so long of skin to skin! She is breastfeeding like a champ. I’m so so proud of her and I and how amazing we’ve done at nursing. I was so nervous and petrified and it’s just been incredible. She holds her head up so well and looks around everywhere, she’s just as alert as can be. She loves when I sing to her…she smiles so wide and starts to coo. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with GERD and it took a huge toll on her, Anthony and I. We originally took her to urgent care because she was crying, crying, crying 24/7 and absolutely nothing would soothe her. And on top of it, she was projectile vomiting. Anthony and I felt completely helpless and horrible that we couldn’t help our sweet baby. The urgent care sent us to the ER, where they diagnosed her. They gave us prescription medication that she has to take twice a day until she’s one, and then they will reevaluate her. Luckily, she’s only projectile vomited two times since that ER visit! And she’s done much better with the crying, too. The meds are truly working.

She is wearing size 0-3 months and size 1 diapers! I think she will catch up to B in no time. (B wore NB diapers and clothes til she was 3 months old!)








My 6 weeks PP update

I have more energy than ever. I love working out and feel so much better when I do. I weigh 149 and my end goal is 130. Looking in the mirror at my body is hard; I’m not ashamed of it but I am not proud. I want to be proud of my body again so that’s why I’m working out! My husband has been incredible. Seriously. He dotes on me and constantly tells me I’m beautiful and sexy and it means everything to me. Even when I don’t believe it, he does and in turn, he makes me believe it.





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