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Toys and Games That Encourage Imagination

March 23, 2016

Brooklynn (2.5) and Harlym (18 months) are both at the age where they love to learn, love to play and love to use their imaginations! I’ve been able to find some pretty amazing toys and games for them, toys and games that encourage innovative play and letting their imaginations run wild! Here are some of our favorites!

TOYS AND GAMES that encourage imagination! shop small organic toys

Dinosaur Story Set & Felt Board

By While They SleptThis is one of Brooklynn’s all time favorite toys. She uses the dinosaurs, trees, volcanoes, etc. to create stories and pictures. She loves telling us what color each piece is and even what species of dinosaur she’s playing with (her favorite being triceratops). Shop owner, Carrie says, “We use them in our home as an aid when teaching concepts such as colors, numbers and relationships, but my children also love to use them within pretend and cooperative play. We mix and match our story sets and create stories to accompany the visuals.” This felt board and story set are perfect for travel, doctor appts, before bedtime, etc. We love it!

Personalized Wooden Block Sets

By Smiling Tree Toys. These blocks have been a key factor in Brooklynn learning how to spell her name! We work on it every single day and she looks forward to it! Harlym loves her blocks as well (more to chew on and less to spell her name lol). It’s such a good feeling as a mom to know your toddler can chew on a toy and be 100% safe (these blocks are made of sustainably harvested American hardwoods and homegrown organic camelina oil/beeswax finish)!

Puzzles and Games

By This & That, Etc. Harlym’s favorite puzzle is this ABC/123 puzzle! She could do it for hours! It’s so much fun to watch her match the numbers and letters to where they belong. She’s growing up so quickly and loves learning! Brooklynn and I love the tic tac toe set. I’ve been teaching her how to play and it’s way too much fun! And both Brooklynn and Harlym are obsessed with their I Love AZ puzzle. They FIGHT over it! We do the puzzle with them and simultaneously teach them about our great state. I love these puzzles and games because I get to interact with my children and teach them, while having fun.


By Sugar Shack Teepees. First of all, this teepee has absolutely no set up. It collapses to close and opens like an umbrella. So perfect for moving from room to room or even taking outside! My girls beg for their teepee and love playing in it. Brooklynn will get her hat on and her guitar (aka MY ukulele) and say she’s a cowboy at a campfire! They also love reading books inside the teepee. Harlym has fallen asleep inside of it several times!! I love watching them use their imaginations and being creative in and around this gorgeous teepee.

What are some of your favorite ways to encourage your child’s imagination? Do you have any favorite products for innovative play? Let me know in the comments below!

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