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FAMILY FUN: Bannor Toys’ Wooden Board Game

June 12, 2017

Who loves board games? I grew up playing board games all the time, it was our favorite family past-time. So many nights spent eating chips and salsa and playing monopoly or life. Now that I have a family of my own, my husband and I regularly play games but the kids can rarely partake because we haven’t been able to find games they really like. For example, the pieface incident. But Bannor Toys sent us one of their newest releases (a wooden board game) and the kids are obsessed! We love playing it as a family! It comes with four wooden pieces that are easy for kids to grab and hold, and a huge wooden dice. The spaces on the board game say things like “jump 3 times” or “sing the ABC’s” or “name 3 colors”. Plus, it’s engraved to say “Garcia”! We love it.

I also have to mention our brand new loveseat sofa from Safavieh! We love it! It turns into a bed as well, so it’s perfect for when family comes to visit or movie nights when we want to turn the living room into a giant sleepover area! And those gorgeous pom-pom pillows on the couch are from one of our favorite shops, Adornlee!

Even Deuce gets in on the board game action! Although, he usually just tries to sit on it because he loves the reaction he gets from his sisters – they get MAD. That’s how much they love this game!

Photos by Melodee Lynn Photography

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