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Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery

April 29, 2020

How will I use essential oils during my home birth? The same way I used them for my hospital birth, but with a bit more intention. ⠀

Labor is stressful. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first way we will use oils is as aromatherapy in our diffusers.

We will use:⠀
Citrus Fresh, Bergamot, anything citrusy and yummy smelling ⠀
Peppermint, which also can help control nausea⠀

These oils are commonly used in spas and during massages to create a calm and stress-free environment.

The second way we will use oils is topically, if we need help speeding up labor or contractions. When I was induced with Bronx, I used a roller blend to help with the induction process.⠀

Contraction Roller Blend:
20 drops Clary Sage⠀
10 drops Geranium⠀
5 drops Jasmine⠀
5 drops Lavender to a 10ml glass rollerball. Fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil (or other carrier oil of your choice).⠀

(Jasmine & Clary Sage: encourages stimulation of the uterus and can help bring on or strengthen contractions. These are very powerful oils and should be used mindfully. Always dilute (separately) with your carrier oil of choice. You can massage into acupressure points for labor. If you’re experiencing some emotional blockages, place 1 drop of clary sage on a cotton ball and inhale for a few minutes, then take a break. Repeat as often as needed. Not recommended for use prior to 39 weeks of pregnancy.)⠀

The third way we will use oils is topically, for pain. ⠀

We will use:⠀
Clary Sage⠀
Geranium ⠀
Copaiba ⠀

(We will be trying this!) Pain Relief During Labor Roller Blend:⠀
15 drops Copaiba⠀
7 drops Lavender⠀
7 drops Geranium⠀
Top with carrier oil

When purchasing oils, make sure you’re buying 100% pure essential oils. The ONLY company I’ve found that is 100% guaranteed pure from seed to seal is Young Living. CLICK HERE for more info!

Good luck, mamas!




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