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Easily Monitor Your Child’s Temperature with FeverSense

June 26, 2018

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enfasmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the hardest parts of parenting is when your child is sick. It’s so hard to see your sweet babe in pain and not feeling their best – and it takes a toll on mom and dad, too. I love coming across products that can make mom and dad’s lives easier during the really hard parts of parenthood…

So when I came across a brand new product from Enfamil’s sister brand EnfaSmart, I knew it was gonna be a life-changer! EnfaSmart is releasing a new product called FeverSense. It tracks your child’s temperature and logs all the temperatures in a journal in their easy-to-use app. You can take detailed notes to help keep record of temperature trends and what treatments are most effective. It’s easy to view and share your notes with family members or your child’s doctor. It also sends alerts in real-time to your phone (even in sleep mode) when your child’s temperature is too high.

The product also comes with a base station that charges the monitor. You can easily carry it in your diaper bag or purse, along with the adhesives (to stick the monitor to your child’s skin). I also LOVE the fact that my kid’s can wear this while they sleep OR during the day. I can track their temperatures all day and all night.

Last week, Deuce got REALLY sick with the stomach flu and it served as the perfect opportunity to try the monitor out. When his temperature peaked, the FeverSense sent me an alert and we called his doctor to let him know (and ended up having to take him in). And of course, we loved being able to track his temperatures throughout the day/night and make sure he was getting his medicine at the right time. It gave us peace of mind and took a little bit of the stress away, so we could focus on getting him better.

You can see how peacefully Deuce (age 2) slept with the monitor on. It’s comfortable and doesn’t irritate his skin or pull at it like some adhesives or stickers do. (And these photos were taken after he got over his stomach flu… he wouldn’t nap in his own bed during his illness, only with mama!) And once he got used to it being on his skin, he didn’t try to take it off or mess with it.

Included with your EnfaSmart FeverSense purchase:

  • FeverSense Instructional Manual (it’s so easy to put together and use!!)

  • FeverSense Monitor

  • Base Station (charger)

  • 8 Adhesives

  • App (Android and iOS available)

We even posted a video on Instagram detailing how easy this monitor is to use and put together! I highly recommend this product for families with kids of ANY age… in fact, I even tested out the product on myself and it worked perfectly! We are extremely happy to have such incredible peace of mind while our kids are sick… it definitely makes parenting easier!

Available now at enfasmart.com

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