Dear Harlym,

September 16, 2015

Harlym Jeter Garcia… I don’t even know where to begin because I have so many things I want to say to you. First, I can’t believe you’re one. How did that happen? Just yesterday, you came into this world as a teeny 7lb 13oz baby. Now you’re a toddler?!

From the moment you were born, I felt connected to you. It was instantaneous. It didn’t take weeks to feel this incredible bond with you. I think the breastfeeding had a lot to do with it. You literally spent the first 48 hours of your life on my boob. I remember our first day at home, we didn’t even get out of bed and you nursed every single hour. It hurt so badly but I pushed through without question, simply because of the looks you would give me.

Oh the looks… I always tell people about your sweet looks. I could be having the worst day of my life and you could smile at me, and everything would melt away. Your eyes have this powerful way of captivating whoever you’re looking at. It’s absolutely beautiful. And when you’re sad (rarely), a single look at you will break my heart. Your expressions could literally make or break someone’s week. You make mine every single day.

Pretty much from the day you were born, you’ve inherited the nickname “gorda.” And I know it sounds mean, but it’s not at all. You’re chubbiest little thing and you weigh only a pound less than your big sister! We absolutely love it. You eat more than Brooklynn, sometimes more than me. You’re alllllways hungry. Always have room for more. You’re our gordie ❤️.

Your hair. Oh, Harlym you have the most amazing hair. It’s black as can be, just like your daddy. And it’s curly as can be, just like me. It’s thick and untamable at times. It’s always in your eyes, but daddy won’t let you get a haircut. So we put it on top of your head which kinda makes you resemble The Weeknd, lol! Your hair is amazing and beautiful and I hope you always love it, because I do.

You love Elmo so much. Pretty sure it was your first word. And you love stuffed animals, always have. You cuddle with them all the time. You’re a cuddle bug, completely unlike your sister.

You’re the perfect little sister. You watch Brooklynn and copy her. But you have so many moments of leadership. All she wants to do it hug you and kiss you and you let her for about 5 seconds, but after that you’ve had enough. You guys fight over everything, too. You’re doing it as I type this (fighting over a Lego piece). You’re go-to move is the hair pull, which wins every time. You also have a mean tackle. And you can get really mad, which causes you to hit the ground (you get your anger issues from your daddy and all your good traits from me… Hahah, I joke!)

I love every single thing about you. You are sweet as can be, so spirited, wild, beautiful, and most of all- you’re ours. We hope you have the most amazing first birthday, and we can’t wait to celebrate 80 more ;) Love you with all our hearts.



Xo, mommy



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