Dear Brooklynn,

September 1, 2015

It’s your second birthday. I don’t know where the time has gone. The past two years have flown by in the blink of an eye and here we are. With this beautiful, curly haired, spirited two year old.

I have to tell you how proud I am of you. You are smart beyond words. You pick up on things too quickly, you repeat everything. (Everything including that one time daddy was trying to fix something and was getting frustrated, and the F word came out of his mouth. And then the F word came out of your mouth. We learned a lot about filtering that day.) You can count, you sing your A B C’s, you love animals and the sounds they make, you sing songs and you make up songs to sing.

You’re beautiful beyond measure. Your hair is soft and light, just like mine was at your age. Your eyes are a perfect mixture of mommy & daddy’s browns. You have your daddy’s big lips. And my toes. You’re clumsy and lanky like me.

You’re hilarious. And your laugh strengthens my soul. You’re sensitive. You care deeply. If mommy or daddy looks sad, you say, “you otay?” You play in your room for five minutes then come looking for me, and say, “I missed you!”

You put the word “my” before everything. “My mommy. My daddy. My sister. My pizza.” “I love you, my mommy.”

You hate when I brush your hair. You love to brush your teeth. You love taking baths, but you call them “showers.” You hate taking actual showers. Baths are more fun when sister is with you.

You’re the best big sister. You love Harlym unconditionally. She watches you and copies you. You adore her. You make sure she’s okay. You love bossing her around. When she screams, you tell her to shhh. You guys are still learning to share. We take it moment by moment. But you’re learning. You have nightly contests at the dinner table of who can scream louder. Whenever you get a snack, you always give some to sister. You make sure she never gets left out.

You’re mischievous. You sneak Harlym’s bottle of milk and hide under the blankets to drink it. You sneak into the pantry and steal cookies. Your daddy and I have had to save Harlym’s life several times because she’s choking on a potato chip that you two have snuck into the panty to get. You pretend to be asleep when I know you’re awake.

You love dinosaurs. You love baby dolls. You have this one ugly baby doll. You got it out of a box in the garage that was intended for Goodwill. You love it. You carry it everywhere. You feed it. You brush it’s hair. You share your sippy cup with it. You love cars. You love Minnie Mouse. And Dora.

Your favorite food is pizza. French fries may be a close second. With grapes and strawberries trailing closely behind. If you’re not eating one of those things, we have to trick you or force you to eat. You hate water unless it’s in a water bottle. You love milk more than anything. {One time I received a package in the mail and daddy brought it in to me. You said, “oooh, pizza!!” In your defense, the package was shaped like a pizza box. You cried when I opened it and there was no pizza to be found.}

You think you’re a doctor because when you were in the hospital, the nurse gave you a real stethoscope to keep. You carry it everywhere and say, “you’re hurt!” And then listen to our hearts. You try to take our temperature. Then you say, “you’re otay!” Or “you have boo boo!”

You sleep 10-12 hours a night and you rarely take a nap. Sometimes, you crawl into bed all on your own and just fall asleep without even telling us. It’s so cute and independent.

You wear mama out every single day. You’re wild and spirited and hyper.

You are incredible. A force to be reckoned with. We can’t believe our little 7lb 10oz baby is a big ole TWOnager. Happy Birthday, Brooklynn Alessandra Garcia. We love you so.

 Xo, Bethanie aka your mommy.



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    Karine Matter
    September 2, 2015 at 7:41 am

    Bethanie,that was so beautifully written.I hope that in ten years you put all of your blogs into a book.Your children will love to read about themselves one day,as will the rest of us!Keep writing,you have a beautiful gift.

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