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August 7, 2015

Instagram is a great way to share pictures of your life, kids, adventures, and even food. I have so many great snapshots of my kiddos and husband on my page, but once I post the pictures to instagram, that’s usually it. I don’t get the pictures printed. I don’t have them in an actual photo album. I don’t have them on my walls.

But then I came across Chatbooks. For only $6/book, they take your Instagram photos and turn them into the cutest, little photo books (you can exclude any photos you don’t want). Every book has 60 pictures.

When your subscribe, you get your first book completely free (don’t even have to pay shipping). Then after that they will send you a book every month (or after you post 60 pictures, whichever comes first). If you receive your free first book and don’t like it, no prob. You can cancel your subscription and leave it at that. {My husband and I both fell in love with our books and can’t wait to get our next ones!!} They are also super easy to set up and order, you can download their app and do it on your phone, or visit their website on your computer.

These books make for the perfect addition to your coffee table, bedside table, or bookshelf. They also make for a precious and unique gift.

  • 60-page 6×6″ book volumes
  • Each photo added to Instagram automatically creates a page in the book series
  • 1 photo per page
  • 100 lb. matte cover
  • 100 lb satin coating paper for interior pages
  • Ink certified by Wilhelm Imaging Research to resist fading for more than 200 years.

Brooklynn loves our books, too! She looks through them at least 5 times a day.

Chatbooks also offers custom books and chat series starting at $6.

Use my code: “garciadiaries” to get your first book free!! Click here to start.

Xo, Bethanie



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