Body Positivity Postpartum

Buy the jeans.

September 18, 2020

This isn’t a yay, I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! post. Want to know why? If we’re being technical, my pre-pregnancy pant size was size 6. I was 18 years old, 120lbs, a college athlete. Now I’m an (almost!) 26 year old, size 12, 170lb, mom of 5.

A lot has changed since I fit into a size 6 pair of jeans. What hasn’t changed is my worth. Because it was never about my size, it was never about anything on the outside at all. And I wish I could go back and tell my past postpartum self that.

I’ll never fit into my “pre-pregnancy” jeans and I don’t want to. The way my body has stretched and grown since I became a mother is exactly what it was designed to do. So instead of punishing myself for growing and for growing a human, I’m going to celebrate.

So yeah. This isn’t a I fit into my old jeans! post. This is a I bought new jeans last week because all of my old jeans no longer fit and I deserve a cute pair of pants post.




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