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Bump Watch: 26 Weeks with The Vintage Honey Shop | Shop Feature

January 7, 2016


How far along? 26 weeks.

Baby is the size of? A zucchini!

Total weight gain? After losing close to 16 pounds, I’ve started gaining and am now 4 pounds under my initial weight from the beginning of this pregnancy.

Movement? He moves allllll night long!

Food cravings? Nothing new.

Belly button in or out? It’s on it’s way out!

Symptoms? A few headaches here and there & some dizziness… besides that, nothing!
Let’s talk about this teething & nursing necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop! Being a mama means compromising your style from time to time. I’m a big fan of wearing a statement necklace, but having toddlers that pull and put everything in their mouths makes that especially hard. The Vintage Honey Shop offers teething & nursing necklaces that are safe for your baby to chew on, hold, put in their mouths, etc. Read more about that here. Not only is it stylish (coming in many designs and colors) but it’s a life saver. Harlym is getting two bottom front teeth and two molars all at the same time. This necklace has been able to comfort her, soothe her, and make her happy. I cannot wait to see how this necklace helps with nursing once my son is born! I really could’ve used it with Harlym. I always had scratches across my chest and face because she wanted to grab onto me while nursing. I highly recommend, no more compromising my style for my babes… This necklace makes both mama and baby happy! (I’m wearing the St. James necklace.) 

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