Bump Watch: 17 Weeks

November 6, 2015

How far along? 17 weeks!

Baby is the size of? Navel orange.

Total weight gain? Just had my check up this morning and I lost another two pounds totaling in 14 pounds lost since I found out I was pregnant. Doc isn’t worried about it, he says I’ll start gaining in the next few weeks!

Belly button in or out? Stillll in.

Movement? A little less this week, probably because we’ve been so busy so I wasn’t paying as much attention!

Food cravings? All the chocolate. Thank God Halloween was a week ago!

Symptoms? Tired. Woke up yesterday feeling super sick. Probably the weather changes!

Mood? Excited to announce our baby’s gender very soon!!

Appointment update? Our appointment went very well, we got to hear baby’s heartbeat again. We have an ultrasound next week. Our doc isn’t sure about our due date yet, at first ultrasound it was April 9th and then it was April 15th. So he said it’s definitely somewhere between those days, and the next ultrasound will be the definite due date! I’ve been going by April 15th because in my mind it’s easier to move your due date forward than backwards!

Xo, Bethanie

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