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My Labor and Brooklynn’s Birth Story

I was due September 2, 2013, but by 37 weeks, with Brooklynn measuring weeks ahead, the doctor told me to expect her at any moment. At my 39 week appointment, he told me he was scheduling me to be induced at the next available time, so to keep my phone on hand and wait for the hospital to call me. The next day, the hospital called and told me to be at the hospital the following morning at 4am. We were so excited!! We were finally going to meet our princess. We went to Walmart and bought a bunch of snack type foods for Anthony and some last minute items. I spent hours that evening packing and unpacking my bags just to make sure I had EVERYTHING. Then, around 8pm the hospital called me and said they were completely full and wouldn’t be able to get me in in the morning. I was DEVASTATED. They said most likely the next night but that they would be in touch. I cried. I had my alarm set and everything and just felt so let down because I was sure I would meet my little girl that next day, and now I didn’t know. (At this point I was 39 weeks, 2 days) I called the hospital every single day, three times a day, asking when they could get me in and they were still full every time. So we went back to Walmart and bought an exercise ball and castor oil and these huge pills to stick in me (TMI). I bounced on that damn ball 24 hours a day and drank that nasty oil with my orange juice and STILL nothing.

Here’s my last belly pic at 39 weeks, 5 days.

I was so disappointed. All I wanted in the world was to meet this little girl who was making it impossible for me for sit, stand, lay down comfortably, walk… On Sept 1, the day before my due date, Anthony and I laid in bed around 7pm and just talked. Talked for hours. About how we fell in love, our wedding day, about who Brooklynn might look like, about how much our lives were going to change. Anthony was so amazing about reassuring me that we WOULD be meeting her very soon, no matter what. She couldn’t stay inside forever. But at that point, that’s how I felt. We finally fell asleep around 11:30ish. Then, at 1am I got a phone call from the hospital. They had a room for me!!! I couldn’t believe it! (The one night I didn’t get any sleep LOL)… I took a quick shower while Anthony loaded the car and then we were on our way. I made phone calls on the way to the hospital. “The baby is coming!”



We got there around 1:30am, and they put me in my room. The nurse didn’t come back for an hour and when she did she told us that three women had just come in, in labor, so they were backed up again. I froze! I told my mom, “Don’t let them make us leave!” She laughed but I was legitimately scared. The nurse came back 30 minutes later and started the pitocin (around 3am). I was already 3cm dilated and 100% effaced. Around 6am the contractions were coming strong. I couldn’t move or breathe and felt like I was dying! The nurse said her guesstimate for pushing time would be around 5pm. Around 8am, I kept saying I had to pee so they helped me into the bathroom and I couldn’t pee or even move and suddenly got the shakes. I couldn’t stop shaking and my teeth were chattering. I think this particular point was the hardest for Anthony to see me. I was crying out in pain and there was nothing he could really do. I told my mom I needed the epidural, she told the nurse and it was going into my back about fifteen minutes later (didn’t hurt a bit). Soon after that, the shakes stopped and I was able to relax a bit. The doctor came in at about 8:30ish and broke my water. That was the weirdest gush I had ever felt…

Around 11, I really felt as if I had to poop and kept telling everyone, so they got the nurse and she said, “let me check you.” I was 8cm dilated! She said she could see that Brooklynn had a lot of hair! She went to get the doctor and around noon I started pushing. Having the epidural and trying to figure out how to push was very difficult, but I did it! I pushed four or five HARD times and the doctor told me I would need an episiotomy. She cut and I gave one more push and there was Brooklynn’s head! I gave seven or eight pushes total. Brooklynn Alessandra Garcia entered this world at 12:38pm, on September 2, 2013. (My due date!)


(Anthony cried, but ask him to this day and he’ll deny it.)

They immediately put her on my chest and I was in love! They pulled the placenta out and that was by far the best feeling of labor. Brooklynn had so much hair on her head and was white and hairy! By far the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen. Anthony and I chose to have the “golden hour” where no family could enter, just us alone with baby to really meet her, stare at her, bond with her. But that lasted about fifteen minutes and if you knew our families you would understand!!


Best day of my life.

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